How to Download All your Tweets

Twitter has been used largely by businesses for promoting their products and especially in US more than 2/3rd of companies prefer Twitter as their marketing tool.

With 320 million users, Twitter is supposed to be the 9th biggest social media platform after Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram (Statista, 2016). If you wish to download your Tweets, you are at the right place. How to Download All your Tweets?

Download your Tweets

1. Go to your Twitter account settings.

2. Scroll down and Click Request your archive.

That’s it. You have successfully requested your Twitter archive. When your download is ready, Twitter will send an email with a download link to the confirmed email address associated with your account.

Once you receive the email, click the Go now button to log in to your Twitter account and download a .zip file of your Twitter archive.

Unzip the file and click index.html to view your all Tweets.

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