Impact Of Technology On Social Media

Technology has brought a vast change in the way people live their lives. With the advancement in technology, people can now complete more number of tasks in less amount of time, with way less effort and higher productivity. But, with these capabilities, your communication with your friends, family or anyone has drastically changed. Now, you have this thing called “Social Media” which permits you to interact with a wider range of people! But does it cost you anything?
With the launch of smartphones and the constant updates, it can be seen that technology is greatly on the move. Cell phones are being used more than just devices to make phone calls. They are getting smaller yet larger at the same point of time. And, you also have the facility of desktops, laptops, notebooks and tablets. They are getting far prettier, sleeker and faster with time. Just think about the first computer and the latest computers of day. Today, people use a laptop with a resolution so advanced that even human eye cannot discriminate between the pixels.

Apart from this, technology has brought a lot of advancement in your communication style too, special the use of social media. Well, smartphones and social media basically go hand in hand. More often you see people accessing their Twitter account or Facebook on their phone. Technology has gone way more advanced. Today, people like to stay connected even while they’re on the go. You cannot carry your desktop while you’re in a bus, train. But, you can always talk to your buddies or colleagues online with your smartphone. With the development of technology, people are going more hands-free and casual about communication.

Another point to notice is that the advancement of technology has increased the use of videos and images and lowered down the use of words and texts. For instance, you check the Instagram of anyone or twitter of a person. You will come across millions of Infographics. The internet and technology is advancing more and getting more visual. The development of emoji and emot icons has made expressions so easy and convenient. You are happy, you send a smiling smiley, and you are angry send the red face. It is short, simple and funny way to express you.

Another technological innovation which has influenced the social media platform is the camera quality of an average smartphone. In today’s time, everyone has an iPhone with 16MP camera and if you have some other brand like Nokia Lumia 1020, then you have a 41MP camera. Though you don’t know for what purpose you will use a 41MP camera, but it does exist. With these cameras, people keep updating new images and selfies on social networking sites.

With so much to say, these are some of the biggest effects that technological advances on social media which has visualized your social networking experience. There will be more developments with the coming time and social media will surely be an integral part of it. It will be proven with time. Visit here to learn more.

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