Know your Twitter Limits

Yesterday we published a quick article about your limits in Instagram and your limit on sending messages in Facebook. Today we are going to learn about your limitations on the micro blogging platform Twitter. Let’s how you can perform on Twitter with the limitations.

Following Limit
Still the number is 1819 that means you can break the following limit of 2000 if you had 1819 followers and if you hit this number you are allowed to follow up to 1000 users per day.

Unfollow Limits

How many peoples you can unfollow? So far no one can give the exact answer including Twitter authorities. But if you unfollowed 100’s of people with in hours you will get warning.

But Twitter management tools like iUnfollow, Manage Flitters allowed users to unfollow the people in bulk. But i’m sure if you exceed the limit 1000 people each day, your Twitter account are in danger and you’d likely to get banned.

Tweet Limits

* Maximum 140 characters per Tweet

* Maximum 2400 Tweets per day

Other Limits

* You can send up to 250 messages per day

* You can create 1000 list on Twitter

* Maximum 5000 people in a list

* You can change your email address maximum 4 times in an hour

*  Twitter header images sized maximized to 10mb.

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