How Is Technology Shaping Our Lives?

Technology is continuously evolving! And, we expect to see some exciting innovations and development in the coming years. Depending on the findings of technology, here is a list of few things which technology has influenced in our lives:

Trend No.1- Immersive communication
A series of gadgets which enrich our perspective of reality are developing. Possibly most of you have tried VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technology. But have you heard the word SR (substitution reality) and MR (mixed reality)?

Well, you will find a lot of AR and VR technology this year. VR already has generated positive reviews in several areas of gaming, sports, construction, production and health. For instance, it has been utilized for medical surgeries to enhance the precision of the operation and to examine specific functioning of the brain. AR is commonly available to the public because of the numerous numbers of apps featuring it. The basic uses include placing virtual furnishing in a location to help clients in their purchasing decisions which immediately converts text to the preferred language of the user.

Producing new realities

MR basically amalgamates the two, allowing digital and physical things to communicate live. It has been utilized to project the life size image of a vehicle so that everyone can see it from all sides and angles and praise its design. It is also being used for next gen computer interface.

The SR betrays the brain by adding live scenes with a video recorded previously, creating an experience which looks real. Though it is still developing, it can enhance human knowledge to find the basic cause of psychiatric problems and its treatment.

Trend No. 2- Precise life science

Technology development has made DNA evaluation simple for everyone. While the first DNA testing and sequencing took around 13 years and a whopping price of $2.7 billion, now you can get a DNA test done in just one day at a price lower than $1000. You also have the facility to go for genetic tests online. The microbiome research is offering deep insight to the health of the people. It will help in unfolding health conditions to secure millions of life on earth.

Trend No.3- Better technology calls for better education

Now, you have over 80,000 education apps available for download for young toddlers to college goers. Parents, students and app developers have embraced the technology education revolution and students on the other hand perform better than the average one performing regular studies.

Trend No.4- Technology will help secure your planet

As per the World Economic Forum, the climatic change could push over 100 million of people below the poverty line by 2030. However, with the technological advancement solar power, wind energy have emerged. The advancement will help in saving millions of lives in the future and stop the adverse effects of climatic change. Visit here to learn more.

Technology is simply making the world go ahead. With more and more technology advancement, people are bound to go smarter, better and more progressive. Thus, everyone should have a good attitude towards development.

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