How to Add YouTube Video to Email Signature

Email signatures are great to show your business to others. Normally we add Blog links, Twitter links, Facebook links or LinkedIn links to the Email signature.

If you have a YouTube video that exposes your business, you can add the video link to your email signature to get more attraction.

If you are looking to add YouTube video to your Email signature, you are at the right place. Here we go.

Add YouTube Video to Email Signature

1. Click the settings icon from the top right side of your Gmail and click settings.

2. Scroll down and Turn On Email Signature.

3. Just insert the image you want to use.

4. Highlight the image and click the hyperlink button.

5. Paste your YouTube video URL in the resulting window.

6. Click OK, Add Setting and Save changes.

That’s it. You have successfully added YouTube video to your Email Signature

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