A Full Dropbox Backup in 3 Steps

Dropbox is a great cloud storage that helps us to save or precious files, images, videos in one place. One of the disadvantages of Dropbox is you will get only 2 GB of space while you sign up for the service.

You can earn more space by referring your friends to Dropbox or need to buy their pro plans to get more space. If you plan to leave Dropbox for a better cloud storage service, this article could help you.

when you decide it’s time to say Dropbox to a cloud storage service and move to another, the most difficult is moving your complete data’s from Dropbox to that service.

You need to download all your data locally and uploading them to another service. This is a bit difficult to do. But if you plan to move your Dropbox files to pCloud, it’s really easier than you imagine. Here are the steps.

1. Open your pCloud

If you don’t have a pCloud account, just create an account from pCloud.com and you will get a clean 10GB free storage space.

2. Start Dropbox backup

On the left side, you can see an option named “Backups”. Click there and you can see a list of services from which you can transfer a file copy to pCloud. Click on “Dropbox” and authorize pCloud access and confirm your backup with “Set backup”.

3. See Dropbox files on pCloud

When you confirm your Dropbox backup, you will start seeing a copy of all your Dropbox files on your pCloud. The initial backup may take sometimes.

pCloud will make sure to save a copy of your Dropbox files every 14 weeks. If you want to stop this backup, you can do that from your Backups section by just clicking “Stop”.

Hope this helps you to make a full Dropbox backup in just 3 steps.

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