Export Todoist to Microsoft To-Do

Export Todoist to Microsoft To-Do – Todoist is one of the world’s most popular to do list and task manager that helps users to get more done in less time.

When the matter comes to Todoist, you should subscribe to the premium version even if you want to the basic features like push notification and reminders.

Without a Premium subscription, Todoist is not worth to use. Microsoft introduce its new application “To-Do” recently and if you need you can export your Todoist tasks to Microsoft To-Do. Here is how to export Todoist to Microsoft To-Do.

1. Go to Microsoft To-Do

2. Sign in with your Microsoft Account

3. Go to Microsoft Import To-Do

4. Click on “Start Importing”

5. Again sign in with your Microsoft Account

6. Give permissions.

7. Click on “Todoist”

8. Now authorize with Todoist by clicking Agree.

9. Select the lists you want to take to Microsoft To-Do

10. Click on Import Selected and you are done.

Please note that Subtasks aren’t currently a part of To-Do. So you can take your subtasks as a note on the to-do or as individual to-dos. It may take several minutes to copy your data. Your data will be there once the import is complete.

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