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Investing money in stocks and shares can be a daunting process for somebody who is inexperienced, however, if done right and with the proper research, it can be an easy way to make a little bit of extra money without even leaving your house Before investing, inexperienced or novice investors should always try and do as much research as possible in order to asses the risks that are associated with each different form of online trading.

One way in which to get this assistance is to make use of the wide range of apps that are now available to help investors, this article will look at some of the best apps available for providing advice, hints, tips and guidance on how to invest your money wisely.

CMC Markets

This online trading platform that offers a wide range of investment opportunities in different stocks now has its own intuitive and easy to use app for its customers, that also contains guidance, tips and tricks for investing money, it can be used to invest more wisely and more conveniently from a mobile device.

Little Traders

This app will help people who are beginners and are perhaps completely new to stock market trading, by providing a game that simulates what it is like to trade in stocks. This engaging and enjoyable game has won many awards and whilst it will not directly guide you on what you should invest in today, it will help get you ready and familiarised with the world of trading, whilst also allowing you to have some fun.

Best Brokers

This app is yet another virtual stock market that will serve a similar purpose to little traders, whilst creating a more realistic, up to date environment, that is great for practicing before risking your own money. The app has a strong focus on education, as well as being a lot of fun.


This app is a lot different to the two described above and is more for the later stages of your stock market career, as it can give you insight into what stocks you may want to actually invest some of your own money into. Market predictions can be made by the app user and from this, they can be compared to other people using the app around the world. This can give a lot of reassurance to first time or inexperienced investors and give them confidence in buying shares, a very useful app indeed.


A slightly more daunting app that simply provides a platform to view many things that will affect the share price of any potential stocks a user may potentially be thinking about investing in. It allows the user to keep well up to date with exactly what is happening in the financial world and is simply a must for any serious investors. The app will give all the data you could possibly need to analyse where your next investment might be.


This app creates a social platform in which lots of investors who are in doubt similar positions can discuss and review each other’s investments and give opinions on upcoming market predictions. It will also allow the user to follow and see what some of the best investors on the app are doing, so that they can perhaps follow suit and gain extremely helpful tips and guidance.


By linking a credit or debit card, this app can convert small purchases and round them up, taking a very small amount of money and invest the small change in a wide range of different indices on the stock market, that can lead to the app user creating a diverse portfolio of stocks, with very minimal effort, this app is great for first time or new investors.


This app provides the user with the latest financial information, sent straight to the mobile device that allows investors to keep very up to date and in touch with the financial world, giving insight into future and current investments made. The user can create watch lists of stocks that may be of interest to them and track them using the app, by turning on notifications, so that they are informed instantaneously of any breaking news. This app will provide the user with a wealth of knowledge of different stocks and will therefore put the user in a much more informed frame of mind to invest in.

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