How to Delete a YouTube Video

How to Delete a YouTube Video? This is just a basic lesson for avid YouTube video marketer, but it’s still worth for someone who are new to YouTube video channel creation.

How to Delete a YouTube Video?

Here are the steps to delete a YouTube video.

1. Click on “My Channel“.

Click on “My Channel” at the left of the YouTube homepage.

2. Click on “Video Manager

3. Click the checkboxes next to the videos that you want to delete.

4. At the top of the Video Manager, click Actions > Delete.

Delete YouTube Video from Android, iOS Devices

1. Tap the Account icon .

2. Select “My Videos“.

3. Select videos that you want to delete.

4. Next to the video, tap the menu icon .

5. Select “Delete“.

That’s it. You have successfully deleted your YouTube videos. Once you’ve deleted a video, you can’t recover it means video deletions are permanent.

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