Can Creative Content Drive Customer Acquisitions?

Perhaps, one of the biggest misconceptions in the business world is that the role of marketing, whether done online or offline, is only to spread awareness about the brand.

If marketing’s only goal is to spread awareness, how would the businesses be assured of the measurable returns?

Well, in reality, awareness is just one part of the buyer’s journey, and the actual role which should be played by the marketing is the creation of customers, and persuading the potential and aware buyers to buy.

Digital Marketing and Customer Acquisition

With the proliferation of the social channels, hyper-aware customers, and the internet or digital marketing, the role of marketing has evolved greatly.

Today, the digital marketing campaigns are not only designed carefully, but their results are also analyzed to find out where they are lacking and why the campaigns aren’t able to bring the customers.

Today, the acquisition has become the cardinal aim of all the digital marketing campaigns. Every digital marketing firm is working on introducing the new tactics to interact with the target audience, reach them, influence their purchase-related decisions and make the marketing efforts more measurable.

While many digital marketing strategies are being leveraged by the experienced marketers, but, content marketing or SEO still remains one of the best ways to drive the customer acquisitions. Without the right content, no digital marketing campaign can thrive. Informative, useful and engaging content is the underlying factor that acts as the decisive factor behind the success and failure of the digital marketing campaigns.

How Content Marketing Supports Customer Acquisition?

Creative content capable of engrossing the readers has always been regarded as one of the most robust strategies for customer acquisition by several marketing experts. While content alone cannot drive the acquisition, but at the same time, an acquisition isn’t possible without the informative and creative pieces of content.

Creative content is used in multiple ways for driving acquisition, such as:


Apart from the size and placement of the advertisements, one of the vital factors that help it in driving acquisitions is the creative content. If the viewers find your advertisement clear, concise, attractive and with a lucid CTA “Call To Action”, with respect to its content, it would certainly drive the potential customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to directly address the potential customers, but it works only if the content in the email is creative, clear, not too lengthy and attractive. Creative content based marketing emails are likely to deliver 15% click-through rates.

Search Engine Optimization

Nothing can beat SEO in enhancing the search engine rankings of a website and promoting the products over the internet. However, SEO completely depends on the tactic, keyword-rich, original, creative and informative content. Search engines are exceptionally efficient in identifying the valuable content, and they give weightage to websites which are rich in such content.

Content Distribution

If driving the customer acquisitions is your target, then it’s very important that you comprehend the significance of content distribution, apart from content promotion. The content promotion is done to attract the viewers towards your website so that they can see the published content, but, content distribution is more about reaching the audience outside your website.

In content distribution, we leverage the offsite channels such as iTunes, YouTube and other credible online platforms to increase our footprint on the web, and attract the attention of the viewers or visitors of other online channels to check our content. This can greatly help in attracting the attention of potential customers.One of the leading company that deal with content distribution is, you can read all about content distribution there of course.

Apart from the aforementioned strategies, there are multiple ways in which content drives the traffic, useful leads and the potential customers.

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