How to Print Instagram Photos from your iPhone

How to Print Instagram Photos from your iPhone? Is that interesting? Yes, today we are going to show you how to print Instagram photos from your iPhone.

You know Instagram is one of the world’s largest photo sharing, social networking site owned by Facebook INC. According to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook status, more than 500 million people now use Instagram every month and 300 million every day. The Instagram community has more than doubled over the past two years.

Instagram is a fantastic way to share beautiful pictures and get them noticed by friends all over the world. Sometimes some images could grab our attention, and we think if I can print this photo that could be great.

Looking at your photos on a screen doesn’t always live up. That’s why printed photos feel ideal for some people. Alos, learn how to find Deleted Instagram Photos.

Print Instagram Photos from your iPhone

So how to Print Instagram Photos from your iPhone? Let’s check this.

1. Using Print Studio App

Print Studio is one of the favorite iPhone apps to print your Instagram photos. If you are from the US, there is Free US Shipping on orders over $50 if you ordered printed photos from Print Studio.

You can print of all sizes including  classic Square Prints, High-quality Photobooks with full-bleed pages and tons of cover designs.

2. Pologram (Paperwave)
If you are from the United Kingdom, Pologram is the best Instagram photo print service for you. Today, Pologram has printed over 1 million individual pictures, and it is committed to offering high-quality, low-cost prints to the masses.

You can use Paperwave App by Pologram team to print your Instagram photos from your iPhone. Pologram is not just to print Instagram photos but also you can print photos from Facebook, Flickr, iPhone photos, etc.

3. Postal Pix Photo Prints
Postal Pix Photo Prints is another iPhone app that lets you order real photo prints of pictures from your iPhone and Instagram.

You can order photos that were captured with your iPhone or uploaded to your Instagram account to Postal Pix service. They will deliver your prints to you or  send directly to friends and family as gifts if you wish.

Here at PostalPix, they provide FREE shipping on all orders $29 or more.

4. Instax SHARE (Need Instax Printer)
“Instax SHARE” is FUJIFILM official application that can be used to print images from smartphones to instax SHARE smartphone printer. You can buy the printer from for near $180. This package comes with Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film, 10 Sheets (5-Pack = 50 Sheets)

You can print your photos wirelessly from your iPhone instantly.

Hope this post helps you to get a better idea about to print your Instagram photos quickly.

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