Top 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2019

At the moment, about 28 percent of the entire internet is managed by the WordPress (WP), making it by far the most powerful CMS out there. Now, one of the major issues that people raise about WP is how safe it is; more precisely, is it safe enough for ecommerce. This question, however, isn’t an easy one to give an easy answer to. You see, the best winning trait of WP is that it gives you an unprecedented amount of customizability. In other words, it is as safe as you make it. With this in mind, here are some of the best WordPress security plugins.

1. WordFence

The reason we chose this particular security plugin to get at the forefront of this list, is because, at 22 million downloads, it is one of the most popular security plugins out there. Although this security system is a free and open source one, you have an option of turning it into WordFence premium in exchange for a moderate monthly subscription. With it, you get a wider array of advanced security features, such as threat defense feed and WordFence forensic lab. The latter one is particularly interesting, seeing how it provides a non-stop analysis of all the latest threats that reach you and in this way develops new countermeasures.

2. iThemes Security

For new users, who would like to start with something extremely simple and then proceed to include more and more features in their website security routines, iThemes Security seems like a logical choice. While it does provide its users with incredibly simple installation wizard and configuration model, it gives you more and more choice of customization the more you advance. Another great advantage it has to offer is simple maintenance, seeing how all you need to do is assign priority to different security actions.

3. WP Antivirus Site Protection

Another sensible choice for the protection of your website is WP Antivirus Site Protection. Its main goal is to detect all the rootkits, backdoors, worms and Trojan horses that aim to endanger the safety of your site. According to a recent interview with a veteran freelance website developer, we learned that a staggeringly large number of people download themes and plugins from torrents and other unreliable sources. Unfortunately, this bad practice makes them especially susceptible to most of the aforementioned issues. Through an elaborate series of scans, updates and quarantine and malware removal features, this amazing plugin can truly elevate the safety of your website’s data to a whole new level.

4. BulletProof Security

Like the WordFence, BulletProof Security also gives people a choice between the free and the premium version of the plugin. Even though pro version includes some quite useful features, such as JTC Anti-Spam and anti-hacker system, as well as a login security and monitoring alerting, the free versions can be quite effective as well. For example, it offers its user with an HTTP error logging, both frontend and backend maintenance mode and a reliable DB backup logging. Sure, it may be quite obvious that the pro version offers numerous superior services to its free counterpart, but sometimes your budget simply won’t allow you to go with premium. In this situation, some protection is better than none. Furthermore, free BulletProof Security is far from inadequate.

5. Brute Force Login Protection

Finally, not all plugins protection plugins are elaborate all-purpose systems designed to make your website overall a safer place. You see, some of them have a single purpose like the famous Brute Force Login Protection. What this plugin does is block your website from a brute force login attempts (as its name suggests), by banning the other party’s IP from your domain for a specific period of time. Even though this kind of protection may not seem as much (especially when compared to some other entries on the list), this particular plugin has two winning traits. First, it is completely free and second, it isn’t resource-heavy (no surprise here).

In Conclusion

As you can see, some of them are free, others are paid, but they all get the job done. There is an active debate about whether it is better to have full features unlocked for 14-days long trial period or to use a free (limited) version for as long as you like. Of course, we are making an assumption that you are eventually going to buy the full product or upgrade to a premium version. While some argue that the trial option gives you a more genuine experience, the number of security threatening events increases over time, giving you a better idea of what you are up against.

As you may already know, there is no 100 percent reliable way to protect your website from hackers and even some of the world’s largest platforms failed to do this on various occasions. Still, by choosing the right security plugin, you can make any attempt to hack your website not worth hacker’s time. In this way, you are using this digital tool as a cyber-deterrent. An interesting thought and one definitely worth further investigating.

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