The Best Things To Look For In A Business Broadband Provider

So many companies now rely on the internet, it can be difficult to know where to start. When you are choosing a broadband provider, not only do you need to consider the reliability and the speed, but you also need to consider how time-consuming and costly it will be if you do not pick the right one. If the internet goes down in a company, no matter how large or small, it is likely to literally stop work, which no company can afford. There are a few things to consider, some more important than others, but you are best to cover all bases if you want to be thorough.

What type of broadband will you get?

There are three different types of broadband that you can get from your ISP, so it’s best to know which one you are going to need before you approach them for a package.


This is the cheapest option, and runs through a telephone line. It is a bit more advanced than the old dial up, and you are able to use the telephone line at the same time as the broadband. Although this option is not the best, it may suit you if you are not going to use the internet that often, or if you are in a rural area that can’t get anything else.


Cable is one of the connection types that is most popular, and it is better than DSL but not as good as broadband. This works over standard television lines rather than telephones, and is slightly faster than telephone lines. This option will be better for your business if you have a business that means you need to download and upload files, as it can be tricky to do this in bulk on DSL.

Fibre optics

Fibre optic broadband is the best broadband that is currently available on the market. if you have a company that is purely internet based, then this will be your best option. Not only is it super fast, but it is a lot more reliable than other options. You cannot currently get this in all area’s for all provider, but the potential ISP should be able to tell you this. If you are using a comparison site like Broadband Choices you will need to ensure you select the fastest option if you want fibre optic.

Bandwidth speed

Bandwidth speed is all down to how many people are going to be using the internet at one time. If you only have four or five employees, then you really won’t need a lot of bandwidth. If you have hundreds of employees who all need to be logged on at once, then you are going to need an incredibly large amount of bandwidth, so you will need to discuss this with the potential ISP.

Ask about customer service

As much as you need all of the technical aspects seen to, you also need to take into consideration the customer services of the internet service provider. It is all well and good finding one that suits your needs and getting it installed, but if you can never get in touch with them, then it isn’t very helpful. Ask some basic questions before you enter into a contract like when the customer services department is open, and how quickly an engineer can come out. You will also need to find out if there are any hidden extra charges. ISPs can sometimes add things on without you realising, so ask them to be open when you sign up.

Ask for recommendations

If you are looking for something as important as a broadband provider for your business, then you may wish to ask for recommendations, especially from other businesses in the area. Other businesses in the area will be the best qualified to tell you what broadband works best where you are. Discuss with them who they used and what their requirements were, and if they are similar to yours and you end up using the company you may both end up getting a referral fee for signing the contract.

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