How to Install a Cell Phone Signal Booster in your Vehicle

As more people are using the cell phone, the reception of the signal is reducing. The more you are away from the signal tower the less signal your device will catch. Most of the individuals have the cell phone repeater in their homes that help them to get a better reception even in the basement.

The real issue arises when you are driving and you have to receive an important call. You are aware that there are some areas with good reception and others with bad reception on your way. Do not worry as the cell phone signal booster are available for the vehicle. For more, I recommend to visit this website.

Yes, you heard me right now you can have the device in your car and never miss an important call or message. Here is how you can install the cell phone repeater in your car.

What you need

For the installation of the booster, you must have the following:

  • Cell phone signal booster
  • Outside antenna
  • Inside antenna
  • Power supply


Installation of the booster is very easy as it comes in the ready to use kit. It is important that you read the manual to ensure that you have all the necessary components and tools.

Step 1

You have to start by the installation of the outdoor antenna. The best location for the antenna is eight inches from the rear of the vehicle. In case, you have a larger vehicle then the rear roof would be the perfect place. The antenna is magnetic so it would be easier for you to mount.

Step 2

Now you have to install the interior antenna. The best location for the antenna is a ¾ height of the windshield. On the other hand, if you have a larger vehicle you should select the place where the signals are the weakest. You can change the location of the antenna according to your requirements and the quality of reception that you require in different areas.

Step 3

Now you have to perform the main task the installation of the signal booster. You have to be very careful and follow the given instructions.

  • Hide the cell phone repeater near the power supply, in the corner of the car.
  • Take the cable of the outdoor antenna and plug it in the booster where outdoor is marked. Use a wrench or your hand to tighten the connection
  • Now take the indoor cable and plug into the indoor connection of the cell phone signal booster. Similarly, use your hand or wrench to tighten the connection

Once you have a cell phone signal booster in your vehicle you will get the solution to all the signal related problems that you might have been dealing with. It is important that you pay special attention while selecting the type of device as its features should meet your requirements. Receive all you calls with the high voice quality. Amaze everyone by having the best reception in your vehicle.

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