Todoist Evernote – Connect them and use Together

Evernote is worlds best note taking app and Todoist is one of the best to do list and task management tool. If you are a power user of both these tools, you can jump to the next level of productivity.

When a link up comes in my mind, IFTTT immediately comes first. If you don’t know what it is, IFTTT is a free platform that helps you do more with all your apps and devices.

Below are my best Todoist and Evernote connecting IFTTT recipes.

Log completed Todoist Tasks to one Evernote Note

This recipe Keep track of your completed Todoist tasks in an appended Evernote note.

Add a task to Todoist Inbox for every note tagged with “Todoist” in Evernote

With this recipe, just create a task in your Todoist Inbox if you add “Todoist” tag to any notes in Evernote. It uses the Todoist formatting syntax to create a hyperlink in the task title to the note, using note’s title and PublicUrl of the note.

What to do if you want to create a Checklist note in Evernote when new Task is created in Todoist? This IFTTT recipe could help you to do that.

New Task is created in TD then add a “Checklist” note in Evernote

If “New Task” is created under any ToDoist’s “Project”, then add a “Checklist” note in Evernote. Includes Date/Time and Project Name in EN Title, and link back to TD note in the note. (Tip: Make sure your TD ‘label’ matches your EN ‘tag’.

Hope this helps you to connect Evernote and Todoist together.

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