Best Keyboard Apps for IOS to Supercharge your Device

Those who use iPhone or iPad most probably know that IOS keyboard is pretty awesome by itself. It’s intuitive, fast, features super autocorrect and word-prediction, provides easy switching from letters to numbers and vice versa. Overall, it’s a truly advanced keyboard that provides smooth and good typing experience. With the third party keyboard integration support, IOS users got to be dealing with yet another level of experience. Those keyboard apps bring more functionality to your phone and let you do more things in less time.

Since I’m a dedicated iPhone user myself, I’ve put together a list of super advanced keyboard apps for IOS users that would be a great addition to your iPhone and iPad. Whether you want a speedy typing or a whole emoji keyboard, there is an option for you to pick.


Gboard is believed to be a universal keyboard for all the iPhone users. It comes with a built-in Google search functionality and lets you easily find and share any information right from your keyboard. You can search for literally any information, like facts, locations, articles, weather forecasts, and even search for emojis you have on your keyboard. It comes with glyde typing for a faster text input and supports voice dictation, to translate everything you said into text. The keyboard has all kinds of options and settings you can customize to your needs.

Sticker Market

Sticker Market is an all-in-one keyboard for all sorts of stickers, templates, and GIFs that you can use in top messaging platforms and apps, including iMessage. No app or keyboard switching. You have all your favorite sticker sets and GIFs right at your keyboard that only need to be copied and pasted in the conversations you want. The stickers sets and GIFs are updated on a regular basis, and you can also add your own sticker sets to the app and have them used by thousands of users. Another great thing about the app is that you can make your own face emojis with the sticker cam and use them in your conversations. The app supports 8 languages and comes with word prediction functionality.


NinType is a fast and intuitive keyboard app, that brings your typing experience into a new level. The app comes with a two-handed sliding keyboard and has a top bar to let you quickly correct the misspelled words. Also, there are slide shortcuts for punctuation marks, flick autocompletes, a calculator, and easily accessible number row. The app supports a number of languages, lets you change the keyboard theme and easily access emojis.

Blink Keyboard

Blink is an advanced keyboard app, that’s designed to fit your hands no matter the size of your phone. Whether you’re using a regular size iPhone or iPhone plus, you’re able to shift the keyboard to left or right, so that you can reach all the letters with one hand. It’s also possible to split the keyboard in half and easily access the alternative characters by pressing and holding the keys. It learns from your writings and suggests words while you type, based on the most frequent ones you’ve used. The app supports English, Spanish, German and Portuguese, and comes with a number of keyboard themes and fonts to choose from.


If you want to customize your keyboard with themes, sounds, and fonts, Typiora might be a great pick for you. You can also design your own theme with the built-in theme customizer and share it with friends with a QR code. You can easily control the cursor with swipe moves, and delete the words on the go as you make a wrong word choice. It also comes with a smart word prediction feature and text shortcuts and templates to enable you to type faster. The keyboard is multi-language supported and has new emoji sets, symbols, and text-arts available for use.

MyScript Stack

MyScript Stack is keyboard app that provides handwriting alternative, that recognizes your handwritten input and converts it into digital text. You can input numbers, compose tweets, send messages and chat online with your fingerprints. With its intuitive gestures and completion suggestions, you can easily edit and delete text, create line breaks and insert space. The app supports 58 languages in character input mode.


Clip is an advanced keyboard for IOS devices that lets you clip any content from anywhere and insert it in your conversations right from your keyboard. You can clip from short quotes to links, images, videos, stories, GIFs and more. You can also synchronize your devices and access the clips you saved on your iPhone and iPad. The best part of it is that you don’t have to be switching apps or keyboards for copying and pasting stuff from your phone.


Swiftkey is a smart keyboard that adapts to your writing style, learns from you and offers a super advanced auto correction and word prediction. It features a swipe typing and lets you type faster by sliding from letter to letter. The keyboard comes with multilingual typing, emoji support, and lets you type in up to two languages at once. Swiftkey gets even smarter over time, and now offers 15 more languages and 8 new keyboard themes that you can use to personalize your keyboard.

Here you have them. Eight alternative keyboard apps for your IOS devices, that will supercharge your keyboard and provide next level user experience. All of them have been tested personally and are working just out of the box.

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