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Despite how effective an operating system OS X can be, ‘junk’ files will still start accumulating on your Mac as time goes by. Some of these files may be redundant duplicate files or unused localizations, while others may be logs, cache files, or even trash bins that haven’t been removed.

It is important that you clean Mac periodically but attempting to manually locate and delete junk files is definitely not a good idea. That is why cleaners exist – to help make it easier to get rid of junk from your Mac, and these are the best options available.

  • Movavi Mac Cleaner

Intuitive by nature, Movavi Mac Cleaner has a comprehensive set of features that will let you completely clean all the junk from your Mac, uninstall apps, as well as optimize and secure it in other ways. It has extensive support via email and live chat, and is very affordable at $39.95.

  • MacBooster

In terms of raw features, MacBooster is a match for Movavi Mac Cleaner and is capable of cleaning junk from your Mac in much the same way. That being said its interface is slightly less clean and it doesn’t offer the option of live chat for support. The biggest drawback, however, is the price, which stands at $59.95.

  • CleanMyMac

On the surface, CleanMyMac is a capable cleaner that is well-designed and has good support. However, when compared to other cleaners it suffers in two areas: A lack of security features and the fact that it cannot detect and delete duplicate files. Although its price tag is a reasonable $39.95, an additional purchase will be required to be able to deal with duplicate files.

  • MacShiny

Simple and clean, MacShiny has an aesthetically-pleasing and intuitive interface alongside decent features. It does fall short on some of the frills, notably missing any security features or RAM clearance tools. That being said the biggest issue with it is the price that requires a subscription which will cost $107.40 per year.

  • Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Unlike most other cleaners, Stellar SpeedUp Mac is designed to be as basic and no-frills as possible. In short, it doesn’t have any of the additional features most other cleaners do, and won’t shred files, clear RAM or secure your Mac. That being said if you just want a cleaner to remove junk files it will fit the role, and is decently priced at $34.99.

  • CCleaner

Fairly popular due to the fact that it is relatively cheap, CCleaner is a very basic Mac cleaner. Not only does it not have any additional features that most other cleaners do, but even its cleaning functions are limited and less than comprehensive. At $24.95 it is definitely an affordable option – albeit one that only does so much.

Based on the rundown above, it should be evident that Movavi Mac Cleaner is a class apart from the other Mac cleaners out there in more ways than one, making it the best Mac cleaner. Not only does it have the most comprehensive features, but it is also a lot cheaper than most of its rivals – particularly the ones that offer anywhere close to its range of features.

While there are some cleaners that are slightly cheaper, the price difference is not as significant considering the gap in features. Simply put Movavi Mac Cleaner offers better value and will provide more bang for your buck if you’re looking for a capable Mac cleaner. More importantly, you’ll be able to rest assured that with it you can fully clean any junk on your Mac, and optimize as well as keep it maintained in other ways as well.

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