Call Tracking Software – Things you Should Know

When speaking to a prospect or client on the phone, it is easy to forget what you might have wanted to say or get flustered by wrong numbers and incorrect customer data. Yet, phone calls are a necessary part of the sales cycle. How else can you get to know your client better than speaking on the phone? Nonetheless, you should have an idea of how effective your calls are and the sales team who makes them.

Enter Call Tracking Software

It is important to have some measurement of how well your sales employees are performing. Making customer calls is more than just dialing a number and leaving a voicemail. How many people are actually on the other end of the line, listening to your messages? How many misrouted calls have cost your company money? Call tracking can help control where your calls are being routed based on your customer’s needs.

In fact, you can even record inbound calls. This means you have a better understanding of what your salespeople are saying, how well they resolve customer service issues and more. In addition, you can hear some of the real problems your customers face. Not to mention, you can gain insights on the types of products and services your customers prefer.

Then, you can plan your calls and marketing accordingly. If you know your customers overwhelmingly prefer product A over product B, you might spend more time promoting product A to new prospects. This is because you now have validation that this is a popular product.

Improve your PPC Campaigns

Call tracking software can be utilized to monitor your PPC campaigns. How many leads are calling in from your ads? What types of questions are customers asking when they call? How many calls are you receiving? Answers to these types of questions will help you to improve your strategies for the objective of obtaining the ROI your company needs. Call tracking software helps to ensure your customer calls are not missed opportunities. You can also find areas in need of improvement.

For example, if a prospect calls based off of a PPC campaign, how did your agent handle the call? Did they answer questions effectively and returned with open-ended questions, or was it a quick call with little result? If a sale was not made, or a prospect was not turned into a lead–why not? What could your sales representative have said to turn the interested prospect into a lead or take them down the next stage in the sales funnel? You first need to track these types of calls to get answers to these important questions.

Obtain valuable customer Insights

Every business wants to improve how they receive customer insight. You want to know what types of customers and prospects are responding to your varying ads and leads. Call tracking software can help you figure out which ads are more effective than others.

To illustrate, imagine you have an ad on social media network A and one on social media network B. The ad on social media network B is overwhelmingly popular, yet the one on social media network A is barely receiving a trickle of responses. What is the difference? Did you use different messages? Did you target different groups? What are the responses for each ad? It seems that social media network B is used by more of your target audience. This is important to know since it is essential to be where your customers are. With customer insight, your organization benefits as a whole. You can use the feedback to improve your products and services, as well as your advertisements.

Use it for Sales Training

If a company isn’t making sales, they should simply close their doors. Sales is the key to revenue and profits. With call tracking software, you can base your sales training on customer insight. You can see whether your sales agents are asking the right questions necessary to lead prospects further into the sales funnel or to close a sale. You can immediately tell the difference between a good and bad call. A bad call would be one where there is no next step, the prospect has lost interest or even got angry and your sales agent wants to take them of their list.

On the other hand, a good call is where the sales agent listens to the prospects, answers their questions, addresses any concerns they may have and asks open ended questions about their level of interest. If the prospect is interested, then they take them down the path of the next steps such as a live webinar, demonstration or a sale.

You can use both types of calls to compare and contrast what you should and shouldn’t do. As a result, you can properly train your sales staff on making sales and warming up leads. Since these are real calls, many of them can probably relate to each situation.

You also get to share the varying personalities of different prospects and clients, along with how to handle them. You learn the best approaches and are now able to share them with your staff for improved sales results.

Achieve results with enhanced Customer Service

A customer will base a large part of their experience with your business on how well you provide customer service. Call tracking software can record the calls to let you listen at your convenience. Are your employees greeting your customers properly? Are they treating your customers with respect? Call tracking software can also help to determine where the calls are coming from.

This can provide useful insight for your next marketing campaign. You can also find out if your customer service representatives are answering questions completely. Excellent customer service is part of what keeps many companies in business.

Call tracking software is used by companies of all sizes. It is the only way to truly determine the effectiveness of your sales and customer service calls. Plus, customer interactions can be used to boost sales training. Furthermore, marketing campaigns can be improved with customer insight.

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