Seven Important Facts that you should know about iPhone

If you are truly interested in tech stuff or gadgets, of course even if you are not, it cannot be that iPhone hasn’t caught your eye! It is probably the most popular range of products in the market. People hover over in the markets, make pre-bookings and queue up in front of Apple stores just to get an iPhone when it is released. It has now been a decade since the first iPhone launch but its admiration is nowhere close to dying down. If you also consider it your dream phone then you must make sure to buy it at the best price available. To do so, just compare iPhone prices online and opt for the best deal.

User base for this phone is huge and it is now approaching a billion. Everyday these users keep discovering some new feature in their phones. Of course, these features have forever been there just that users discover them from time to time. Here is a list of 7 such important facts about iPhone that you might not know.

  • How is it sometimes that we don’t have access to a scanner and we need to send a document for some official work? In such times, you can scan documents, boards (white & black both), receipts and business by just clicking their picture on your iPhone. As soon as you click the picture, your device recognizes and digitizes the document. You can then edit and send the document as you like!
  • If you have a lot of travelling involved in your daily routine and you want something to keep you company during those times, have you thought about using the Speak Screen function to help you while travelling? Yes, I am not kidding! You can turn your audio books into e-books using this feature and keep yourself occupied!
  • Who isn’t familiar with network issues! However, the worst comes when you actually cannot understand the extent of it. You must have all faced the problem of going out in the open area to get some network. So, instead of doing that, you can just type *3001#12345#* in your iPhone and get to know the exact signal strength. A score of -50 means you are good to go but anything less than that like around -120 is a red signal!
  • Have you used the Compass app ever in your iPhone? Even if you have, you might not be aware of the bubble leveler function that comes along. So next time in case you want to know if the frame (photo frame?) you are trying to put is perfectly leveled or not, just use this function and you are sorted!
  • Talking about some interesting facts, many of you must be amazed to know that the company that sells the most desired phone in the world actually gets its processors made by Samsung.
  • Not only that, Apple initially also faced legal issues over the name of its phone i.e. ‘iPhone’ because Cisco was the company that named its device iPhone. This legal issue however later came down to a settlement.
  • Moreover, iPhone has a huge number of 200 patents on its name. One phone and so many patents, it is truly a legend!

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Isn’t it an amazing to know about some cool facts like these? I am sure you are going to try all of it right away! So, grab your phone and get going!

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