Ringba Review – Best Call Tracking Software for your Business

Today on SocialPositives.com we are reviewing Ringba, an advanced call tracking software that can help you to grow your business to the next level. Ringba Call Tracking Software comes with real-time optimization and analytics that helps you to watch your business progress.

Why Ringba?

You can find a lot of call tracking software on the web but why you can opt Ringba over others. The reason is just that of Ringba features. Here we go with some of the notable features of Ringba.

  • Powerful Campaign Tracking
  • Automated Call Forwarding
  • Dynamic Routing Plans
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
  • Create and Manage Toll-Free and Local Phone Numbers worldwide
  • Awesome Call Recording function
  • Client Management from a single dashboard
  • Easy to use API for integrations
  • Live chat and email support from Ringba Team

Ringba’s software designed to give you complete control over your call marketing. Their intelligent call tracking and routing platform that was built for massive scale.

Tracking Calls with Ringba

We already told you that Ringba is mainly used for call tracking. How can you track calls with Ringba? It is really easier than you imagine.

Create Campaign

Just create an account with Ringba. You can sign up for a basic free account or premium plan or with a custom enterprise plan.

Get a Tracking Number

Now get a tracking number. Receive a unique Tracking Number for you to promote your call marketing campaigns.

Add Target

Route your calls to call buyers, call centres or anywhere else you’d like them to go.

Launch your Campaign

Now launch your campaign. Use Ringba’s real-time reports and analytics to optimize your call flow and scale your business.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics


Ringba provides industries best real-time reporting and analytics. Ringba gives you immediate access to critical information you can use to make decisions about your call streams.  You can analyze the performance by name, hour, and status of the call.

With a perfect louting summary, Ringba is the ultimate platform for your call business to improve it to the next level.

Intelligent Call Routing and Targeting

Use Ringba to route your calls where they need to go. Create dynamic routing plans to send calls to different destinations or “targets” based on caller demographics like geolocation or use budget caps to ensure that you monetize every call.

API and Integrations

API Integrations are a must have in the industry right now. It helps you to automate your operations and reduce your workload. Ringba’s API makes it easy to integrate call tracking with the rest of your workflows and business tools.

Number Pooling

What is Number Pooling? According to Wikipedia, Number pooling is a method of re-allocating telephony numbering space in the North American Numbering Plan, primarily in growth areas in the United States.

Here Ringba’s advanced features can track specific information about every user that visits your website or landing page. This service is available in 80 countries to hope it will increase to more.

Ringba is for?

Ringba can be used by anyone who is working with inbound calls.  For Pay Per Call networks and affiliate though, Ringba is the perfect tool for running better campaigns and making more money. If you are from any sectors listed below, you should try Ringba.

  • Pay Per Call Advertising
  • Performance Marketing
  • Contact Centers
  • Inbound Sales
  • Financial Services
  • Home Services
  • Insurance
  • IT / Tech Support
  • Legal Services

Ringba Pricing


There is a plan available for every size of teams. You can try Ringba for free zero limitations on your account or Ringba Premium for $99 per month or a custom plan for the enterprise sector. If you working with a lot of calls, Ringba also provides custom tiered pricing plans for Enterprise customers.

Final Conclusion

If you are serious about making more money from your calls and you think call tracking is important for your business, give Ringba a chance to achieve your targeted business. With no contracts or setup fees, Ringba is to help your business grow. Why are you waiting? I’m sure you won’t regret, try Ringba Call Tracking now.

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