Free Twitter Followers without Following Back 2018

You can increase your Twitter followers count easily if you are ready to follow them back. But its bit hard to get free Twitter followers without following back.

Twitter has been used largely by businesses for promoting their products and especially in the US more than 2/3rd of companies prefer Twitter as their marketing tool. Yes, still Twitter is everything on Social Media.

Free Twitter Followers without Following Back

Today we are looking to get free Twitter followers without following back. Here we go.

1. Find Trending Hashtag and Tweet

I think you know #hashtag is the best way to get more impressions on your Twitter. You can find the most trending hashtags on Twitter easily. Just Tweet about the trending topic and add the hashtag to the tweet. I’m pretty sure your Tweet can get thousands of impressions and that could convert to get a lot of followers easily. You won’t need to follow them back.

To find the most attractive and trending hashtags use Hastagify tool. Through this tool, you can easily find the relevant tag through which you can target the specific audience. For example #SmallBusiness or #SocialMedia.

2. Tag the Right Username in Tweets

It is often seen that when people do guest posts on other websites they include their author biographies. They do so because they want to get credit as an author. Same thumb rule applies to Twitter.

If you are running a blog and someone published the guest post on your website then you should mention his/her name in your tweet while sharing on Twitter. Mentioning other Twitter users will not only increases engagement but also increases your Twitter followership.

Similarly, if you published a blog post in which you have mentioned any influential personality then don’t forget to mention his/her name while tweeting. Your will huge engagement, new followers and hits to your site.

To mention any person on Twitter, use @ sign and type his/her name. For example @anzilone.

3. Share Your Tweets with Proper Format

While sharing on Twitter, try to format your tweets. Firstly, you will need to add some text. Afterward, mention the username of author/celebrity/influential personality or brand. Later, you will need to add your link that you want your Twitter users to click.

Companies that Offer this Service

There are some companies that offer this service. TargetGrow is one of the popular among them.

Method 1. Using TargetGrow

TargetGrow can get you thousands of real Twitter followers in weeks. Ben Woods from the popular blog TheNextweb says he can see an increase new followers.

Method 2. Using GrowthChamp

GrowthChamp offers a service similar to TargetGrow. They offer both Twitter and Instagram followers. Their plan starts at $19/month.

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