The Future of Cloud Hosting and Web Businesses

The internet is growing at a fast pace and with it flourishing web businesses too. Scalability and speed of the website are some of the essential factors when it comes to the maintaining the online presence and success of web businesses. Though there are several hosting options like Shared Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Cloud Hosting etc. Cloud Hosting is by far a good choice. Cloud Hosting offers consistent service to the user by eliminating the use of physical hardware.

In this post, we’ll be covering the fundamentals of Cloud Hosting, its features, the benefits it provides to SMBs and its future.
What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting in simple words is a cluster of computers all connected across a common network virtually wherein every computer acts as a standalone server. Unlike the traditional hosting model, features of Cloud Hosting like Disk Management, Data Mirroring, RAM and, dedicated CPU cores are easily scalable and distributed equally across all the multiple servers.

Virtualization is an important aspect of Cloud Hosting, it helps in the equal distribution of resources. This is usually managed by a Load Balancer and the individual servers run on a Hypervisor that measures the capacity of the Operating System and allocates it to the best optimal resource.

Features of Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a cost-effective scalable hosting service. Following are the features of Cloud Hosting:

  1. Scalability

One of the prime features of Cloud Hosting is its ability to be highly scalable. This is extremely beneficial to website owners if they receive high traffic or they think their traffic might increase in the near future. With Cloud Hosting, you can easily scale and upgrade your CPU and RAM as and when required thereby providing better website performance.

  1. Reliability

There can be times when a server might fail. In such a case, the server’s failure can result in the downtime of your website and you stand a risk to lose customers. With Cloud Hosting you are assured that if one server fails, another takes it place. Thus, the uptime of websites is usually 99.9% and the performance of your website isn’t affected. Another factor associated with the reliability of Cloud Hosting it the service provider.

  1. Pricing

One of the best features of Cloud Hosting is that, it cheaper when compared to the features it provides, each plan is charged differently with what the user chooses. This way the customers aren’t charged for what they don’t use but just the resources they consume, making Cloud Hosting a good and affordable hosting service.

  1. Security

Loss of data can be a huge loss to a web business as all the transactions are done online. With Cloud Servers your data is secured even if your website crashes as the data is saved across multiple servers. Thus, it is very easy to get a backup of your website. Also, though the data is distributed across servers it is safe and secure.

Does Cloud Hosting Boost your Business?

Now that we have seen, all the benefits of Cloud Hosting we can clearly say that it does help boost your online business.

Cloud Hosting improves the performance of your web apps and website, by managing the load across all connected servers. Overall it is affordable, scalable in times of heavy traffic and doesn’t hamper the efficiency of your website. ResellerClub is one service provider I would recommend owing to their good plans, a user-friendly cPanel for hassle-free management, Varnish Caching that boosts the performance and load speed of your website, and 24*7 tech support.


Cloud Hosting with its easy to understand and flexible service is suitable for all businesses, be it large scale or small it has something for everyone. With these features and the ability to upgrade as and when needed, it can safely be said that Cloud Computing is here to stay.

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