HELLO 2 by Solaborate – The Most Powerful Video Communication Device

HELLO 2 by Solaborate. What is that? It’s an ultimate Conferencing and Collaboration from the Los Angeles based company Solaborate.
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The company launched HELLO, that can tackle all these issues and provides a number of use cases which will change the way businesses and people communicate and solve problems. HELLO is beautiful, inexpensive, easy to set up and use.

HELLO was a sensation funded 600% in less than a week when it was launched. Now they are back with HELLO 2, the most Powerful Video Communication Device ever made.

What is HELLO 2?

“With HELLO 2 we’re bringing the future of communications to consumers and businesses. It’s truly the next generation of video conferencing and virtual collaboration” explains Labinot Bytyqi, founder and CEO of HELLO Solaborate platform.
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Here we go with some of the notable features of HELLO 2.

  • Video Conferencing and Digital Whiteboarding
  • Install Any App
  • Built-in Privacy
  • Home Automation
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • HDR TV Streaming
  • Camera Feed with Night Vision
  • HELLO Gadget Extensions like HELLO Controller and HELLO Button
  • Going Open Source

The smartest and most affordable 4K Touch TV Powered by HELLO 2 for real-time collaboration, whiteboarding, video conferencing, and wireless sharing, helping you bring your new ideas to life.

HELLO 2, like its predecessor, turns any TV into a video communication and collaboration device. HELLO 2 does everything users love about the original even better with Alexa support, home automation (Zigbee), and Android games, and also does digital whiteboarding on the new 4K Touch TV. In addition, Gadgets now make HELLO 2 even more useful.

With HELLO 2, and its upgraded hardware, Solaborate is also looking into equipping classrooms, auditoriums, hospitals, nursing homes, all sorts with HELLO, to simplify and improve communications, and provide additional capabilities to these institutions.

You can see that HELLO 2 Kickstarter launch soon.

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