How to Hack Snapchat Account and Password – 9 Best Methods (2019)

How to hack Snapchat account. The post tells you to hack a Snapchat account, the possible methods you can try. Please note that we never recommend anyone to hack someone’s Snapchat account.

Reasons why you might want a Snapchat password hack

  • To gain your own account back
  • Play a prank on one of your friends
  • Take control of a dormant Snapchat account that a significance to you

You just need to know some of the friends of Snapchat. Here we go with some of the best methods to Hack Snapchat account.

Method 1. Hack Snapchat with Account online using Snaptool

Using Snaptool one of the best methods to hack a Snapchat account. Snaptool requires no survey or download, and do not demand money.

They created Snapchat Hacks with user-friendliness in mind. Just visit the website and follow their instructions to hack any Snapchat accounts easily.

Method 2. Using SnapBreaker

Next is to hack Snapchat account using SnapBreaker. Snapbreaker helps you to download users private photos, videos and chats anonymously in up to 60 days of history.

  • Visit the website and click the “Start Hacking Accounts”.
  • Simply enter the victim’s username.
  • Select “Hack Password” to decrypt victims password.
  • Download videos, images and Click “I Agree and Continue” button.

Method 3. Using Snepspy

Snepspy is another tool that can use to Hack Snapchat account. It is really easy to use this. You will have to enter the username you want to hack. You have the option to opt for Password hack, downloading images, and conversation logs.

Method 4. Hack Snapchat Password using Snapch

Snapch has been used by tons of users and gets good results. There is no download required and easy to use. Since it was a lightweight tool and fast processing, anyone can try to hack any Snapchat users account.

Method 5. Using Snapthief

Snapthief is really easier than you imagine. You just need to enter the username you want to hack and click on Start spying to go. You can see the system process is searching for users details and data.

After the process, you can select the options among Snap Sent, Snap Received, Chat Received, Snap Screenshot, etc. You select any of the options and move forward. The site stores information about recently hacked Snapchat accounts.

Method 6. Using SnapexPilot

SnapexPilot claims them as 1# Snapchat Hack/Spy Tool where you can get Videos, Pictures & Chat Logs of any Snapchat account. Here, you are you are not hacking Snapchat passwords because they already hacked most of users account. You are just downloading data’s from them.

Method 7. Use Appbrute for iOS and Android

Here comes the first app that wors as an app for Android and iOS devices. There is a version available for both Windows and Mac. Appbrute is mainly used when you can’t reset your password through Snapchat.

Method 8. Using Snapbrute to Hack Snapchat Password

Snapbrute comes next into our list. Snapbrute’s password hacking method is really easy to use. Just enter the victim’s username and click “Start Hack”. Just follow the steps and finally, you will get videos, chat logs and images of any victims Snapchat account.

Method 9. Using Fewhacks

Using Fewhacks helps you to hack any Snapchat accounts easily. The website doesn’t require any downloads or installations to start the process. You just need to add put the victim’s username and just follow the website instructions to hack the Snapchat account.

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