Best Golf GPS App for Apple Watch 2019

Today on, we are listing Best Golf GPS App for Apple Watch 2019. We will cover some of the best Golf Apps to improve your game to the next level.

The list contains some best with the rangefinder, scorecard, and swing-tracking apps, as well as the best golf GPS apps for calculating distances.
Best Golf GPS App for Apple Watch

Best Golf GPS App for Apple Watch

I’m pretty sure Apps listed here will work on all iOS versions that mean you can download the apps without worries. You can download on Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 3 and cellular-enabled Apple Watch series 3. Are you ready?

Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App

Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App comes first into our list here. The App is absolutely free to use GPS rangefinder, scorecard, shot tracer and statistics tracking. The App lets you share your play progress with your friends through the active community of Golf enthusiast.

If you are willing to pay $5 per month, you will get a bunch of additional premium features like Distance Tracker, Enhanced Performance Statistic, Highlights, Improved Resolution Maps, and more.

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Scorecard

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Scorecard comes next here. The App can give you accurate GPS yardages to targets and hazards, rich scoring and shot tracking, detailed statistics, and more. You can practically visualize your plan your round before you play with 3D video previews of your entire course.

The Apps is free to use but a Pro Pan gives some additional powerful features. Compare to Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App, you only need to pay $2.99/month or $14.99/year that is very cheap.

Golf GPS by SwingxSwing

Golf GPS by SwingxSwing is another free popular app with more than 4 Million registered users in the world. The App gives some awesome notable features like GPS rangefinder, Digital Scorecard, course gaming like stroke play, skins gaming, and more.

For $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year will get some awesome features like Real-time wind speed, Advanced scorecards, club tracking, etc. Most users stated that GPS is extremely accurate.

GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS

GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS is a popular App by The App is absolutely free to use and it gains the trust of over a massive 3 Million users. The App comes with some features like golf rangefinder, scorekeeping and post-game analysis for free.

One of the highlights of the app is it gives most of the features for absolutely free GPS tracking, Post-round analysis and in-depth statistics, and more.

GolfLogix GPS + Putt Breaks

GolfLogix GPS + Putt Breaks comes next into our list. The App comes with free features like GPS distances, full-colour 3D course maps, 4-player scoring, etc. If you need advanced GPS features you should buy the app premium version for $9.99/mo, 39.99/6 months or $49.99/for a Year.

Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard

Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard comes next here. One of the highlights of the App is it supports both Apple map & Google map. It comes with awesome features like GPS Rangefinder, Powerful Score Entry, Advanced Statistical charts to track your Score, Club Distances and Club Recommendation and more.

For advanced features of the App, you have to pay $9.99/year. The price is really low compared to the Apps listed above.

These are our Best Golf GPS App for Apple Watch 2018.

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