Show Me My To Do List – To Do List Apps 2019

Show me my to-do list, this is what I would like to know early morning. There are tons of to-do list apps available on the web that helps to plan your day.

Which are best? Which are worth to try? Today on, we are listing some of the best to do list apps that are worth to try in 2019. Here we go.

1. Wunderlist

Simply the best to do list app for most of the people. Wunderlist is because it is free comes with a clean interface and cross-platform support available for most of the platforms and devices like Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Chromebook, Kindel Fire, etc.

With Wunderlist, you can create and share lists with your friends and family easily. You can set Due Dates and Reminders and Assign to-dos. You can attach files, images to your tasks. Wunderlist gives maximum features for free.

2. Todoist

One of the powerful to do list and task management tool on the web. You will need to subscribe their premium version to get basic features like reminders, task sharing, etc. With Todoist Premium, you can share unlimited tasks with anyone and collaborate in real-time on shared projects and goals.

One of the best features of Todoist is their powerful recurring tasks. You can create repeating due dates naturally like typing “every Friday at 8am” and it will capture that.

3. comes next into our list. Like Wunderlist, is free to use and gives maximum features for free. is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Web, Chrome, and Mac. There is no stand-alone Desktop app available for it’s really lacking here while competing with Wunderlist.

4. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is an old to do list and task management tool. Remember The Milk comes with software’s for the Web, desktop, and mobile apps. It has great integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Evernote and seamless sync between your computers and devices.

5. TickTick

TickTick comes last into our list. With TickTick, you can organize your work projects, grocery lists, households list, etc. You can view your tasks and their due dates in TickTick calendar. You can also drag and drop tasks to change their due dates easily.

You should subscribe to their premium version to get additional features like an unlimited task, unlimited subtask, calendar subscription.

These are our best to do list apps of 2019. If we missed your favorite one, let us know through comments.

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