Top Eight Best TV Show for Students

Students get less for entertainment. Most of them pass their time either by watching TV-shows or playing games on laptop or smartphones. I also do pass my leisure period by watching different programs on TV.

Due to the advancement, most of us don’t watch that much TV. But we do watch the programs on different platforms like YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime. Frankly speaking, I also prefer watching TV programs on my smartphone.

Sometimes many think that TV shows are only meant for entertainment. But trust me, there are many TV shows and they are both educative yet entertaining. Although There are many TV shows that are considered as inappropriate or uneducated. Today I will share a list of such educative yet entertaining programs that I personally like a lot and think they are totally perfect for a college student.

Man Vs Wild

Who hasn’t heard the name of the program called ‘Man Vs Wild’. There are only a few persons in the world who doesn’t know about this show. It one of the most popular TV show in the current world. The program is also called a born survivor. By hosting this program Bear Grylls gains worldwide popularity. By watching this program one can learn about how to survive in the toughest environment. Also, they will be able to know about different regions of the world, different types of plants and animals.

That are the reasons why people like it most. In a word those students who are adventurous, this is a must watch a TV show.

Patrick Melrose

This a TV series played by Benedict Cumberbatch. This TV series shows how childhood plays a vital role in a man’s life. The character in the series had a traumatic childhood which eventually disturbed his life and led him an alcoholic. If you watch this series, you will also understand that any addiction is bad and it can only bring sufferings. So after watching you will realize to abstain from drugs which are very important for students.

The Good Doctor

Are you a medical student? If the answer is yes, then I must have to recommend you this TV series. Because it is all related to surgery. Along with medical terms, you will be able to find motivation for yourself how to survive after all difficulties. The lead role was played by Freddie Highmore and he played the character of an autistic surgeon. Trust me he played the character so real that in some case I thought that he is really autistic.

If you want to get motivation by watching a TV show, then there is likely an alternative rather than watching ‘The Good Doctor’. You will also get some writing ideas from this TV show which will help you to provide best custom writing services as a WritingPeak.


This TV show is totally based on historical events. If you are a history buff or a science fiction geek, then it is an ideal choice for you. It will teach you history with some unexpected twist. For enjoying this drama, you need not be a researcher of history, just sit back and watch the show. Soon you will find that you have gained a lot of knowledge of history.

 How it’s made

If you are a student of engineering background, then this program is must watch for you. This program deals with the manufacturing process of products. You can learn how the products are really manufactured. So that your engineering knowledge will increase by watching this program. Really this is a useful program and that’s why I like it very much.

Beakman’s world:

This a show which has made especially for the kids to teach them complex science in an easy manner. By watching it you will find it educative as well as hilarious. That’s why children like this program very much.

Myth Busters

If you are interested in different types of myths and want to know about them, you can watch this show. The host Jamie and Adam, inspect some common myths and try to find the reality behind them. In a word, if you have investigating instincts then you should watch it.

Discovery Atlas

Discovery Atlas is a documentary type television series which deals with different types of culture and natural aspects of different countries. This is a program which telecast on Discovery Channel and Discovery HD Theater.

Finally, I would like to say that TV shows can be used not only for entertainment purpose but also for an educational purpose. But you have to be very careful to choose the programs. If you have any confusion regarding my writing you can simply comment in the comment section and I will try my level best to answer them. Any suggestion regarding this topic is also appreciable. By the way, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section which TV show you like most? Let us know.

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