ZeroBounce Review – The Best Email Verifier

Today on, we are reviewing ZeroBounce, the best email verifier. This post is sponsored by ZeroBounce and it’s is here because of our positive experience with the service.

Why ZeroBounce?

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ZeroBounce is an email verification system that removes invalid and risky email addresses from your list. When you send emails to such addresses, your sender reputation is affected and this impacts your email deliverability. Such circumstances cause advertisers immense business loss, and their endeavours and ROI decrease dramatically. ZeroBounce is a dependable email verifier that comes with plenty of benefits. Here we go with some of the best features of ZeroBounce.

  • Free account
  • Free trial: you receive 100 free credits when you register
  • Real-time Email Verification API
  • Bulk Email Verifier
  • Email Bounce Checker
  • Next level Spam Trap detection
  • Abuse Email Checker
  • Email Typo Correction
  • Great pricing

Email Bounce Checker

Every email list will has email addresses that won’t accept emails, either because the mailbox is full (that’s called a “soft bounce”), or because the address is invalid (“hard bounce”). Having a high bounce rate is a pain for any email marketer, but ZeroBounce will identify those email addresses that will cause your blasts to bounce and will remove them from your list.

Email Validation API

ZeroBounce offers the industryțs best email verification API. This piece of software can be hooked into your own platform to verify emails in real time. The API will prevent invalid email addresses to register on your mailing list, thus protecting your email hygiene.

Email Append

This is one of my favorite features of ZeroBounce. The system not only cleans up your email list, but it also adds more information about your subscribers. For example, you can find out their first and last name, their gender and the country their address was registered in.

More Features

Apart from the above features, ZeroBounce offers some spectacular services, like Toxic domain detection, temporary email detection overview reports and more. Toxic domain detection helps you find emails that are associated with harmful websites and temporary email detection helps you find emails with a temporary lifespan. ZeroBounce also removes spam traps from your email list and is of great help in improving your sender reputation.

The Overview report gives you detailed information on how your data looks like.

ZeroBounce A.I.

This is a brand new feature: an email scoring system based on artificial intelligence. Once you use the email verifier, you can move forward to using ZeroBounce A.I. to get a more clear idea about your email hygiene.

The system analyzes your database in detail and scans every email address to check for activity levels. In a matter of minutes, it returns a quality score for each lead in your list. The score (which varies from 0 to 10) will tell you precisely how good an email address is.


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The company offers 100 free email verification credits to newly registered users. If you’d like more, you only need to pay $275 to validate 100,00 emails and $550 for 250,000. If you only need 5,000 email verification credits, ZeroBounce offers that. There is a plan for everyone, for small business owners or large enterprises.

Final Verdict

With its complex features and the trial it offers, ZeroBounce is a reliable email verifier that will help you reach more subscribers and boost your email blasts. It’s a great company and it does what it promises. If you are a small business owner or run a large corporation, I recommend you try ZeroBounce. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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