Fix – OnePlus 6 Battery Drain after Android 9 Pie Update

OnePlus 6 is one of the best smartphone available on the market and it is one of the devices that gets Android Pie update.
OnePlus 6 Battery Drain
One of the most popular issue you could face after upgrading your OnePlus 6 upgrading to Android Pie is Battery draining.

OnePlus 6 battery drain after Android Pie Update

See this Reddit thread how users are facing this. Here we go with some popular comments related to battery draining issues.

Comment 1

“My battery drains much faster than on Oreo. Not figured out why yet.

Charged it to 100% last night before disconnecting and going to bed. Woke up to 79% charge this morning. With 37 minutes of morning reading it’s down at 73%. Something is definitely causing it to drain much more while idle than on Oreo.”

Comment 2

“I left from home with 95%

Battery Saver – Bluetooth connected to car and Spotify Offline .

Arrived at work 1h10minutes later and my battery was at 64% – it never drained that fast.”

Comment 3

” Previously with the OxygenOs 5.1.11 I was about 1 day and 16 hours of battery with 6/7 hours of SOT, now after the

I was talking about the last build of OxygenOs based on Android Oreo when i’ve said 6/7 of SOT.

Now i’ve got 4 hours of SOT with 17 hours of battery life, so i think is pretty weak compared with the past build.

Now, i’m re-calibrating the battery after an hard reset of the system, then i’ll see the result between today and tomorrow.”

Comment 4

“My battery life has noticeably decreased. I would go as far as saying by 30-40%. This is really annoying.”

How to solve this issue?

Method 1

Don’t upgrade your OnePlus 6 device to the Pie now. Hope OnePlus will take this issue seriously and expect to make a patch update to their system soon. Once it confirmed by OnePlus, you can upgrade your device to Android Pie.

Method 2

These methods were we do normally if we feel any battery draining issues.

  • Use a Background App killer like Greenify
  • Uninstall unwanted apps
  • Remove Facebook for 1 week because Facebook App is a real battery drainer
  • Stop using any Live Wallpapers
  • Try a Factory Reset

This is the only thing you can do now.

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