The 6 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress to Increase Your Traffic

Social media is one of the most effective places to market your blog posts. It can bring a huge instant traffic to your contents and make them viral within a short period.

Share your posts on leading social networking sites as soon as it is published. Update your followers and niche enthusiasts with the latest changes to get more visits to your pages.

Is a mere social media update enough to increase your web traffic?

Nope. There are some more things you should do to keep flowing traffic from the social sites to your blog. Social media fans can be your loyal readers. Expand their strength to promote your posts in front of more number of people which will increase your social media reachability and user clicks.

Your blog and social media pages are mutually related and should be connected to each other. Inform your web visitors about your official social pages and encourage them to like, and follow to keep updated with the changes.

WordPress provides tons of plugins to showcase your social media pages, photos, posts and tweets in the form of widgets. They are easy to use and add a unique value to your blogging efforts.

In this post, we pick the 6 best social media plugins for WordPress to expand your network and boost the traffic.

1. Custom Facebook Feed

Custom Facebook Feed is a popular social media plugin for WordPress. It is easy to use and lets you display Facebook feeds from any public page on your blog.

The plugin is highly customizable with support to multiple pages at the same time. It serves responsive, search engine friendly feeds and you can show them anywhere on the site including posts, pages, and sidebar using a shortcode generated. It comes with a wide range of customization options that gives you a full control over size and background colour of the feed, size and colour of texts, visibility of Facebook posts etc.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a professional-level network as you know. Install a micro-blogging site related plugin on your blog to earn more followers and traffic.

This is Twitter’s official plugin for WordPress. It lets you embed Twitter contents anywhere on the site using a shortcode or in a widget area. The tweet button will encourage your readers to share posts on their profiles and follow button will convert them to your genuine followers. It has two theme designs such as light and dark, and you are able to set various other components, colours etc through the plugin dashboard to match your website template.

3. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is a great social media plugin that supports multiple networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. So you needn’t use separate plugins for each network and can integrate your blog with all social accounts using a single tool.

The plugin serves responsive and mobile-friendly feeds, and you can display them on posts, pages, and sidebar. Add like or follow buttons to each feed which will help you to expand the network and power up social media marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a competitive solution to display all your social media feeds under one roof, Feed Them Social is the best option.

4. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is a simple plugin to showcase your Instagram photos in WordPress. Exhibit your photography skills and strengthen your social media network using a light-weight plugin.

It allows you display photos from any public Instagram accounts with full control over the widgets. Customize the size of photos and widget, background colour, number of photos, and more – it means you can manage each and every part of the Instagram feed. The plugin is a great tool to promote your Instagram accounts and enhance social media traffic.

5. Monarch

Monarch is the favourite social media plugin for many of us. It is not just a sharing plugin. This premium tool from Elegant Themes comes with followers widget, floating sidebar, automatic pop-ups, automatic flying and image sharer to engage your readers and boost the shares.

Monarch is lightning fast and highly customizable in terms of buttons style, position, time of appearance, and design. It supports more than 35 social networks to show your follower counts in a widget area or within the contents.

6. Blog2Social

Promote your posts on leading social sites to maximize your traffic from them. It is not practical for us to share links manually each time when a content is published.

Blog2Social is a fantastic plugin to automatically promote your contents on profiles, pages, and groups across the network types. It is an ultimate social media automation tool with support to all popular marketplaces like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others. It lets you share links either instantly or at the peak times to get maximum benefits from the promotions.

Which is your favourite social media plugin for WordPress? Feel free to share your feedback through comments.

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