Instasurge: Get (REAL) Organic Instagram Followers Safely

Today on we are reviewing Instasurge, one of the world’s best, if not the single best service for improving organic Instagram post engagement. Instasurge helps its clients get real Instagram followers 200%-300% faster than if their client was trying to grow on their own, without help from Instasurge.

Maybe you don’t know all of the ins and outs of the Instagram app, the ecosphere of the Instagram system and its algorithms, or the impact of Instagram on Social Media Marketing, but if you’re a professional, public figure, business, brand or blogger who relies on your Instagram to reach your clients, customers or followers, you should know what’s up with Instagram

Instagram in 2018 – 2019

Instagram now has more than ONE BILLION monthly active users worldwide, and 100,000,000+ of them are in the USA. Pretty amazing huh? Because of its explosive growth in the last few years, Instagram has become a hot commodity for serious professionals, public figures, businesses, brands and bloggers around the world.

The question most often asked by businesses, brands and bloggers… “Do I grow my social media presence and following on Instagram before I’m more well-known or do I let it just grow as my brand grows?

The answer is simple… Yes! You should always be working to grow your brand’s social media presence and following on Instagram, this is how your brand will become well known.

The next most obvious question is… “How can I do this safely?”

(REAL) Instagram Followers and (AUTHENTIC) post engagement is VITAL

Instagram is one of the best places to promote your business, brand or blog. You can share your pictures, products and quick videos on Instagram and boost your brand awareness to a global audience FREE, all you need is a captive audience of real Instagram Followers who know the soul of your business. Hence the importance of Instasurge, a service that creates (REAL) organic engagement for your business, brand or blog with precisely targeted Instagram users who are a perfect demographic fit for your Instagram account.

Why Choose Instasurge For (REAL) Organic Instagram Followers?

These days there are a lot of companies on the web offering free or cheap Instagram Followers and Likes fast and we uncovered some significant issues that we are sure unsuspecting potential clients don’t realize when they search “Get Real Instagram Followers” or “Buy Real Instagram Followers”, etc.:

  • We tracked the registrant URL’s and hosting IP’s of 100 different Instagram Growth businesses on popular search engines as of today (December 2018) and found most of the URL’s are brand new (registered in the last 2-6 months) and most are mirror websites with new names and a different look or color scheme covertly operated by 3 or 4 offshore parent companies to funnel unsuspecting clients right back into their snare by offering slightly different options or pricing.
  • Many of these companies are selling “organic followers” and “real likes” in price blocks, like $49 for 500 followers, or $29 for 1000 likes and there are countless other pricing and quantity options out there.

Here’s the problem:

True organic Instagram growth or post engagement sold in blocks of 50, 500, 5,000, 10,000, or any other number for that matter is impossible unless you are peddling (FAKE) followers and (FAKE) likes. There simply is no way possible on earth that (ANY) company has the power to influence 50, 500, 1,000, 10,000 or (ANY) number of human Instagram users to stop what they’re doing to follow your Instagram account or like your posts.

Do You Know About (FAKE) “Bot” Instagram Accounts?

(FAKE) followers or (BOTS) are Instagram accounts created and managed 100% by computer systems. These systems mimic human behaviour to create millions of (FAKE) accounts every year and can be instructed by scam companies to like posts and follow or comment on any account they are directed to track.

Whether you are a large or small business, brand or blogger, buying fake “bot followers” will destroy the online reputation of your Instagram account and it will quickly erode the integrity of your business, brand or blog.

When your real followers see your account grow overnight, or they see totally disproportionate engagement (eg:5,000 followers and 10-20 likes on your posts), it will be the beginning of the end for your Instagram account. Bot accounts only like your posts when they are told to like your posts so unless you have one of these companies on retainer to give you 1,000 likes on each of your posts every day, your engagement is going to be way off for the number of followers you have.

When this happens, your real followers will jump ship and unfollow you. Why? Because their own accounts are at risk of becoming inundated by spam and bot accounts simply because they followed you.

Instasurge Is A Real Instagram Marketing Company with (REAL) Employees

Our investigation of Instasurge uncovered these truths:

  • Instasurge is a real company with a real office location in San Diego CA (USA)
  • is owned by a single San Diego based corporation named Fuel Media Group LLC
  • Fuel Media Group operates only (ONE) Instagram marketing business (Instasurge)
  • Instasurge is easily reached by phone (Toll-Free), by online chat from their website, or via email, all of which they immediately answer from 7 am – 7 pm Pacific Standard Time daily M – S.
  • Instasurge is not a (FAKE) follow or (FAKE) like (BOT) service. They do not offer likes and follows in blocks.
  • Instasurge offers the client a 100% Money Back Guarantee: “Your total satisfaction is our #1 goal. If we do not attract the quantity, quality and precise demographically targeted Instagram followers you expected and deserve based on the campaign option you selected and target criteria you supplied, we will refund 100% of your payment immediately, no questions asked!” NO OTHER COMPANY OFFERS THIS TO CLIENTS!
  • Compared with other similar services we found to be legitimate, Instasurge pricing was below average and what we would expect to pay to have a legitimate company help us build our Instagram account following and post engagement organically.

(REAL) Organic Follows and (AUTHENTIC) Likes From (REAL) Users

Instasurge collects targeting and demographic information from clients on their “Campaign Questionnaire” before starting a marketing campaign. This information allows Instasurge to precisely target a client’s campaign to engage only with Instagram users worldwide or narrowed down to a pinpoint on a map that is exactly the type of user a business, brand or blog would benefit from engaging with or to have following them.

Your new followers and improved post engagement are the direct results of the targeted Instagram marketing Instasurge is doing on your behalf that in turns attracts the attention of some Instagram users, who might then like or follow your account. This is (TRUE) Organic Growth And (TRUE) Organic Engagement!

Free Trial

Instasurge offers serious businesses, brands and bloggers a No Obligation, No Credit Card, No Strings Attached, Free 3-Day Trial, yes FREE! If you are a Blogger, Business Service or Public Figure, you can try the service for absolutely free. Once your trial request approved, an Instasurge campaign manager will email you.

Guaranteed Results

There is absolutely nothing to lose and Instasurge offers a 100% money back guarantee on all campaigns. If you are not 100% satisfied with your campaign result or the quality of your followers, they will refund your money without asking any questions.


 Instasurge pro plan starts from just $29 per month that offers 600 – 800+ organic followers per month. There are other plans named Prosurge, Powersurge, and Nitrosurge and the pricing ranges from $49, $60 and $80 per month that offer more features and more precise targeting, like geo, gender, age, keyword and global targeting metrics.

Final Conclusion

Instasurge is one of the only Instagram growth services we could find that offers Truly Organic Instagram Instagram enagement to attract new followers safely. If you are serious about your Instagram Marketing Strategy, you should try Instasurge. I’m sure you won’t regret it. Instasurge is one of the only quality Instagram marketing service providers that offers a guarantee on their promise. Why are you still waiting?

Beware of Mirror Websites

If you are searching Google to find Instagram Follower services, you will find 100+ mirror websites operated by malicious companies that are manipulating search results to snare you in their net. They are providing fictitious reviews to fake you out and they are selling (FAKE) followers and likes. Beware of these Mirror websites.

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