Filmora 8 Rollback – Download Version 8.7

I’m a huge fan of Filmora Video editor. If you are not familiar with Filmora, it is a simple yet powerful video editing software that available for both Windows and Mac. Check my Filmora review.

You can download Filmora for free. The trial version comes with watermark while exporting your projects. If you want to remove the Watermark, you should buy the software.

Filmora 8 Rollback

Recently Filmoora released their latest version Filmoara 9. Filmora 9 is a nice upgrade to the software but comes with some issues. These are some comments by Filmora users.

“Filmora lags a lot, will freeze almost at every action and will go unresponsive for up to 20.”

“It is taking me twice as long to produce a vid & I can not use the transitions while running into the vid as it throws out the audio.”

“when I want to see how my video is going so far the music starts to be losing its place videos are jumping from one to other and all the organisation messes up”

What to do now?

According to the editors, the most stable version of Filmora is 8.7. We recommend you to download the software if you are facing issues with Filmora 9.

According to Filmora team, “Filmora9 isn’t supposed to overwrite Filmora 8 because we want you to be able to keep using 8 while you’re finding your way around 9.”

Download Filmora 8.7

Paste these links on your browser to download Filmora version 8.7 for Windows or Mac.

For Windows:
For Mac:

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