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Facebook | Social Positives - Part 2

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Top Technologies Open-Sourced by Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

2015 was another outstanding year for leading enterprises and startups as they endow dollars in open source platforms and technologies to handle volumes of data and improve business decisions. Technology has come a long way in analytics, attempting to enforce productive solutions internally before presenting information to the consumers and users. In the past five years, ...

How to Download an Entire Facebook Album

Today we are discussing a topic related to Facebook. How to download an entire Facebook album. It's really easy to do. Still a lot of users think that Facebook doesn't allow them to download the entire album in one click. They want to download each and every image from the album one by one. Still a lot ...

f acebook, facebooj, facepook, facevook – Interesting Facebook Search Mistakes

Today I'm writing an interesting post, at least for some readers that are related to Facebook searches. You know Facebook is the world's largest social networking site with more than 1.5 Billion engaging together. This post is not Facebooks use or its importance for online marketing. According to Google, the term 'Facebook' gets 414,000,000 monthly searches. Similarly, ...

How to Mute or Stop Facebook Desktop Notification

You know that you can get desktop notifications from Facebook. If you allowed Facebook to give desktop notifications, you can get message notifications, birthday notifications and all major notifications even if you closed Facebook from chrome browser. You can stop Facebook by sending desktop notification to your Chrome browser. You just need to go to Google ...

How to Change your Name on Facebook

Facebook is the world's largest social networking site where millions are engaging together. The people use their authentic identities, so you always know who you're connecting with on Facebook. Today we are discussing related to changing your name on Facebook. So how to change your name on Facebook. It's really easy. Here we go. 1. Go to Facebook ...

Stop Facebook Video Autoplay on Mobile and Web

Sometimes its really annoying Facebook is playing video automatically without our permission. If I want the video to play, i will play it. Really annoying feature for a lot of users including me. How to Stop Facebook Video Autoplay on Mobile and Web? Its really easy. On your Mobile 1. Go to your Facebook Settings Go you your Facebook settings and ...

17 Best Alternatives to Facebook to Try in 2015

Facebook is the largest social networking platform, there millions are engaged together. Facebook is handling more than 1.2 Billion users data’s. Facebook is managing millions of status updates, millions of images, videos, personal chats, everyday. Facebook is not the only social networking site that existing to connect with others. That's why today we are listing 17 best alternatives ...

25 Funny Facebook Status Updates

Facebook is the worlds largest social networking platform that used to connect with our friends and family. Everybody looking for funny status updated to entertain people and to get more likes and comments. Today we have compiled 25 funny Facebook updates that could gain more likes and comments from your friends and family members. 1. If your neighbor has ...