How to remove Phone Number from iMessage

How to remove your Phone number from iMessage? If you switched from iPhone to any Android device that could make problems sometimes like not receiving text messages properly etc.

This is because of your phone number is still registered with iMessage. So how to remove your phone number from iMessage? Here is the way.

1. Go to Deregister iMessage

2. Scroll down and there you can see ‘No longer have iPhone?

3. Enter your phone number you would like to deregister from iMessage

4. You will receive a text message, enter the 6 digit code you received

5. Wait for confirmation that iMessage has been deregistered

If everything works well you’ve deregistered your phone number from iMessage and you will no longer receive iMessages at your number.

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How to reactive iMessage?

How to reactive when you comeback to your device? Its easy you just need to turn on iMessage back in settings.

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