10 Great Social Networking Sites for Business

Social networking sites make our life easy. Social Networking Services are platforms to build social networks or social relations among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections.

We are actively using Twitter, Facebook, for social networking and business purposes. If you are using social networking services for business more, it’s better to think about a social networking site gives importance to business.
Today we have to list great 10 social networking sites for business. Here we go.

1. LinkedIn LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network with 300+ million members.

2. Google Plus If you are a serious Google Plus user, you should feel some advantages over Facebook for more business relations. Google Plus communities are the power house of Google Plus where you can meet real business peoples.

3. Yammer Yammer is a private social network owned my Microsoft that helps employees collaborate across departments, locations, and business apps.

4. Social Cast Social Cast is a puts people and projects, conversations and content back at the core of business. A perfect service for users who just needs a perfect social networking sites for business.

5. Solaborate Solaborate is a technology social networking platform designed for professionals, a perfect alternative to LinkedIn with more effective tool for collaboration. Solaborate allows users to make group audio, video calls, screen share, option to share files within the call as well as share their screens in real time.

6. Plaxo  Plaxo.com is the world’s leading online address book, storing over 50 million address books with 3.7 billion contacts. You can access your address book contacts and schedule anywhere, anytime.

7. Xing XING is a social software platform for business and career. With Xing you can find old acquaintances, new people, jobs, events, companies, and groups.

8. Ryze Ryze is a free social networking service for business people that help you to re-connect with friends and make quality business contacts.

9. Efactor EFactor business network is designed to support you as your business grows, along every step of your journey. With EFactor you are joining with 1.5 Million other entrepreneurs.

10. Zyncro Zyncro is a secure space for business communication that encourages employees in an organization to exchange knowledge, documents, etc.

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