Google Drive Video Uploading: Know your Limits

Google Drive is one of the most popular, widely used cloud based file storage service on the web. Google Drive gives a free 15GB of storage for all accounts where you can backed up your videos, photos, and documents safely.

Most users know there is a 50MB file size limit on presentations and documents uploaded to Drive and converted to Docs and Slides, and a 100MB limit on spreadsheets converted to Sheets.
Most of them don’t know the Google Drive Video uploading limits. Here we go what you can do maximum with Google Drive while you are trying to upload a video.

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1. You can upload video files up to 5 TB in size but its limit by available storage space.

2. Free account is limited to 15 GB of free space and the same video file size.

3. The maximum resolution for playback is 1920×1080.

4. Audio and video should start and end at the same time.

5. Video Files can be in MPEG4, 3GPP, MOV files, AVI, MPEGPS, .WebM files, etc.

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