How to Set up Last-Used App on Apple Watch

Apple watch is a beautiful compact smart watch from Apple Inc. The smart device comes with 38mm and 42mm cases.

Apple calls their smart watch as their most personal device yet. Some users have no idea about what is last used app on Apple Watch and how to set that? Here is the steps.

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What is Last-Used App on Apple Watch?

By default, when you flick your wrist with Apple Watch you will see the time. The last used app is an activity or using an app like Facebook, Twitter, EverNote you were doing prior to it going to sleep.

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How to set up Last-Used App on Apple Watch?

If you want to turn on an app like Facebook, Twitter on your Apple Watch when you flick your wrist, go to settings, then general, activate on wrist raise, then on, then Open to the Last-Used App.

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