10 Best Blog Hosting Sites for your Domains

I start the article from the primary belief that you are aware of what is domain name and registration process. After domain name registration, the turn of web hosting. Web hosting mean you have to place your whole site’s files such as .js, .html and images on the internet and from where anybody can access the site only.

But before going to host your site, you have to check the space of hosting, yearly and renew rate, bandwidth, time of loading the pages, blog utility, technical support, etc. Here are some great examples of web hosting sites. Here we go with 10 Best Blog Hosting Sites for your Domains.
1. WordPress.com : WordPress is become the first choice of blog writers. It gives the full fledged facility. Your imagination will be your limit. It gives 3 GB free storage with free domain name. Share your work with LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and many more social network. Add images, video and audio file in your post. It provides you more than 50 languages dashboard.

2. Blog.com : It is almost same as wordpress. Choose your own domain name in the format of “yourdomain.blog.com”. Make your own author team with limited or full access right of your blog. You can do post from your cell phone also. Choose smashing themes suitable for your blog from free available themes.

3. Tumblr.com : Tumblr is different from above two. You can do post from browser, mobile phone or even email also. You can customize theme’s color from HTML editor. You can follow the people’s work in which you are interested.

4. Blogger.com : Blogger is Google’s own blog. You can write here your logical and creative thoughts easily and share with your friends and other bloggers. It has its own blogger template with fully customize option of CSS and HTML tags.

5. Typepad.com :  Typepad is the paid or premium blog services. It has simple structure like email. You can modify their design templates whenever you want. Also you can upload custom banner for your blog. Use third party widgets for real time analysis of traffic on your blog.

6. Squarespace.com : It is less known in bloggers, but I suggest you must take a visit to this site and know it’s different and amazing features. You can use Google fonts without embedded codes. Moreover, you can download image and modify image with an integrated Aviary editor within your browser. You will have site controls like style editor, custom favicon, page specific password, duplicate page, custom codes, custom redirect and many more.

7. Jux.com : In the crowded industry like blogging, Jux is very new to this in comparison of WordPress and Tumblr. There are particularly seven types of content on Jux such as – articles, images, quotes, videos, embedded content of Google map and countdown. On you blog home page, you can see your posts in grid form. You can move between posts like a slideshow.

8. Harp.io : It gives you unlimited storage space and build for unlimited traffic on your blog. It has powerful, fast and robust infrastructure. The important thing is that you can take history snapshot also. There is one useful option available is custom SSL.

9. Airsquare.com : Modern and customized design template to match your criteria. It gives facility to showcase your products in organized manner. For eCommerce websites, it gives facility of accepting online payments. It keeps track on your order, manage orders, make invoices, send mails to customers and even notify whenever your stock getting down.

10 Postagon.com : It is premium blog facility like Typepad.com. It gives facility like other blogs of post articles with images and videos. The difference is that it has smart commenting system. There is no requirement of mobile apps. It gives ratina display support and import-export of posts are the essential feature of postagon.

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