Best Technology Blogs to Follow In 2015

Every blogger wants to know what their niche filed changes. Bloggers are different kinds, with different tastes someone interested to know and write about Travel, Food, Photography. As a Social Media and Technology blogger i regularly watch and interested to follow some Blogs. Here we go with some top popular technology blogs you must follow to stay in touch with Social Media and Technology updates.

1. The Huffington Post

The complete blog. When we ask to the internet world which is your best blog or which is the best blog in the world the answer may be pointing to The Huffington Post. Founded in 2005 by Arianna Huffington the blog cover almost every topic in the internet world like Breaking News, Entertainment, Business, Social Media, Technology, Local News, Life Style etc.

The Huffington Post listed in Technorati’s top 100 Blogs ranked #1. Kenneth Lerer, Jonah Peretti, Andrew Breitbart worked as featured columnist with Arianna Huffington and other 200+ employees works on this giant blog. Their slogan is “The Internet Newspaper: News, Blogs, Video, Community.”

In 2012 Huffington Post ranked #1 by eBizMBA Rank for Most Popular Political Sites. Now with the global traffic of 100 by Alexa and 22 in US top rankings by Compete and Quantcast The Huffington Post has more traffic than some popular social networking sites. Celebrities are allowed to post on the The Huffington Post.

2. TechCrunch


Definitely ever bloggers know already about TechCrunch. As my opinion TechCrunch is the worlds best reporter of Social Media and Technology updates. TechCrunch gives more importance to Tech updates and well known for Start up reports. Founded by Michael Arrington in 2005, now the great blog is owned by AOL and the transaction amount may be to be between $25m and $40m.

You can follow TechCrunch to get regular updates about Tech reports, to know more about technology start ups.CrunchBase is is the definitive database of the startup ecosystem owned by TechCrunch. CrunchBase is an open startup, worldwide available and anyone can edit the company details.

3. Mashable

mashable the worlds trendy blog founded by the legendary Pate Cashmore. Pete Cashmore starts Mashable from his bedroom in Aberdeen, Scotland in July 2005. Interested fact is that when Mashable comes to the world Pete is just 19 years old. The Bedroom to the world of Social Media, everybody surprised by the growth of Mashable. In the year 2009 Time Magazine noted Mashable as one of the best 25 best blogs in the year.

After 18 months Pete Cashmore makes his first deal with a $3000 video-chat company called Userplane. That time Mashable has 2 million readers and that is Mashable’s first ever paid advertisement. In the start up time Mashable only focuses on Social Media news, now they cover almost everything in the world of Technology, Entertainment, Business, US Politics etc.

In March 2012 some rumors spread that CNN in talks with Mashable for an acquisition for $200m. So far the deal never happens now with more than 80 employees the blog is still owned my Pete Cashmore and Mashable Inc.

Read the article about Mashable by The Guardian “How Mashable turned Pete Cashmore from internet playboy to CNN target?.

4. The Verge

Not an old legend like TechCrunch or Mashable. But TheVerge is something special for the readers. The American technology just founded in 2011, the Blog was operated by Vox Media in Manhattan, Newyork. After the launch of just one year in 2012 TheVerge won five Webby Awards Best Consumer Electronics Site, Best Consumer Electronics Site, Best Podcast, Best Visual Design, and Best Editorial Writing.

Just in 2 years TheVerge gets an Alexa Rank of near 1500 in globally and under 1000 in the United Sates. TheVerge updates regularly with Technology news, Science, Art and Culture. Users can get reviews about Laptops, Tablets, Cellphones, Headphones, Headsets, Home Theaters etc.

5. Engadget

engadget, one of the worlds best reporter about Gadgets and consumer electronics. Definitely we can say that the one time solution for your gadget updates. The Blog is owned by AOL. The blog currently operates a network of ten blogs, 4 written in English and six international versions.

Launched in 2004 is a really popular old blog and at the beginning time its a part on Weblogs Inc a blog network with over 75 weblogs. In 2005 the Weblogs Inc is acquired by AOL and becomes a part of them. Engadget was founded Peter Rojas, the well known founder of the Gizmodo technology blog.

For readers is one of the best sources for gadget, consumer electronics related reports.

6. Gizmodo

gizmodo is an old reporter of Technology news. The blog was founded in 2002 by Peter Rojas he later founded the similar blog to Gizmodo. Now Gizmodo is owned by Gawker Media. In 2007 Allure Media launched Gizmodo Australia, then launched Dutch Magazine in 2008 Gizmodo launched their Brazil version in Portuguese language and in 2011 Gizmodo launched their UK version to cover British News.

You can get real time Technology updates from Gizmodo. Now Brian Barrett is the Managing Editor of Gizmodo and Peter Ha is chief news editor of the old giant technology blog.

7. The Next Web

Personally, one of my favorite blog. The Next Web founded in 2008 the blog covers popular topics like International Technology News, Business News and Cultures. The Next Web updates lot of breaking news on Social Media, Technology news. Sometimes the blog covers the news that can’t find on Mashable or in TechCrunch.

According to the reports The Next Web has now more than 2 million unique visitors per months 4.5 million visits per month. More than 82% visitors of the blog are male and 39% are between 25–34 years old.

This is my list. You can find many blogs to get updates from Technology news, blogs like Gigaom, Business Insider,, Gawker, etc. I wish you will comment here with your favorite blogs.

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