How to use Instagram for Business

In the personal level we think of images or photos as mere memories of what we have done, where we have been and with whom we shared such moments. However, in the business level it speaks more than that. Images as a reproduction of a form is now being integrated as a channel of depicting the “image of the brand” not the literal representation but the association that a consumer perceives when visualizing it.

Images evolved to show different meanings, representation, and form that can influence consumer buying behavior. That’s why in the modern era, images can now be edited, styled, designed in a way that consumers will elicit positive response towards it. However, there is a deeper way of keeping that image represent credibility of a business.
Today, we have an Instagram application that allows us to capture and upload photos, videos in real time. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger allowing you to take pictures and videos, apply some digital filters and share it on different social networking sites.

How does it work?

Showing what the market doesn’t know about your company. Taking pictures of your staff, operation and even customers can increase the credibility of your business. It will show transparency making them feel part of the business they have been patronizing. It is like putting a face to your business. Exposing behind the scene events can create a connection between you and your customer that can result to customer loyalty.

Logo and genuine photos empower brand association. Visual images can create an impact on consumer’s buying behavior. Logo and genuine photos repetitively seen by the market can increase memory recall so that whenever they are about to purchase something, it will be associated to your brand.

Images can evoke emotion. A lot of campaigns are using images whether it is profit or non-profit based organization. How can you forget the peace sign of World Peace or the food distribution done by United Nations? When your business share image that can evoke emotion, it will gain sympathy and a spot on your consumer’s mind.

Images can increase conversion rate. Right images can attract consumers whether you are marketing offline or online. However, as sales pitch can also be done online, image is the right way to start it. It can encourage visitors to your site, and increases awareness of the proposed value.

How Instagram helps?

Facebook and Twitter has been in the market, Instagram may be new but it is already used by 13% of internet users. It is used more often by blacks and Hispanic than whites. And it also appeals to households with income ranging from 30, 000 to 49,999 (15%). Now that Facebook bought Instagram, its market value is estimated to be $35 billion dollars.

Photos will remain as an experience but Instagram added functionality for sharing on different social networking platforms. It can help a lot simply because it is easier to post an image of a product than describing it with lengthy words.

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