How to share files on Google Drive

Google Drive is a great productivity service gives you 15 GB of free Google Online Storage that allows you to keep files, photos, stories, designs, drawings, videos, etc.

Google Drive is not just a personal file storage service, also a great too to be used in team work. With Google Drive, Docs Sheets, and Slides you can easily share files with your friends family and collaborates. So you can view and edit together.
This is a quick post , i’m gonna teach you How to share files on Google Drive in real time.

1. Share from Google Drive

If you are on Google Drive, select the file or folder, right click, then share button. Then type an email addresses of the groups or people you want to share the files. One you decided who to share the files with, you can choose let them view, comment on them, or edit your file.

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That’s it. You have shared the Google Drive file with others. The users will receive an email letting them know you’ve shared the file or folder with them.


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