How to Stop Twitter Spam

How users get banned from Twitter? May be users have ideas about how they become banned on Facebook, no more ideas, but bit like if we sent a friendship request again and again to users you don’t know, first you get warned from the authorities if you continue the activity you will be banned.

Another possible cause is if you sent unwanted spamming messages to the persons who are not in your friends lists about your business or your service or any other, lot of chances to get banned. Another major reasons are harassing someone or posting adult links, creating fake accounts, posting copyrighted content and call to action in your cover photos etc.

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The majority of users doesn’t know what is spamming on Twitter? The fact is, Twitter runs more powerful terms and conditions while you are using their service. Compare to any other social networks if you didn’t use Twitter in appropriated ways no doubt about that your Twitter account is under risk and you had a lot chance to get your account suspended.

So What is Twitter spamming and how to avoid that? Have a look.

Avoid useless Mentions

We all know @mentions are the soul of Twitter. You can get anyone’s attention with mentioning someone on Twitter. What is a good tweet with a mention and bad tweet with a mention?

A good Tweet mentions Barack Obama and Google….

‘I love to opt @BarackObama for US election 2012’ – Good Tweet because it’s relevant to the person and his personality. Another example is ’10 reasons why I love @google over Yahoo. Here, in these Tweets you are talking to them.

A bad Tweet mentions Barack Obama and Google….

‘Going to sleep @BarackObama’ or ‘Time to get food @google’. It is useless tweets. If you Tweet posts from popular blogs like Mashable, TechCrunch or news networks like CNN, BBC etc. There is no issue,  mentioning their surnames because their accounts are general and not a personal profile. Please only mention personal account users really you want to start a conversation.

If you mention users with unrelated tweets for your commercial or personal purposes reporting, spamming over and over on your account may get banned from Twitter.

Don’t buy or sell Twitter Accounts

You can’t buy others Twitter accounts or sell your Twitter accounts. If you do this you are violating Twitter’s terms and conditions. Marketers need Twitter accounts with huge followers. Sometimes they try to buy accounts with huge followers. They buy accounts and change the name, the link on the account and start to tweet their business.

This penalty may cause permanent account suspension from Twitter. Don’t buy or sell Twitter accounts.

Using trademarked user names

Using trademarked usernames considered as a policy violence on Twitter. In business competitions, companies snagging trademarked usernames and try to attack avoid their competitors social media presence. If they trademarked the name twitter they will reclaim the account. Also Twitter have the power to suspend your account if you are using copyright, trademarked images on your profile.

Avoid Spammy Twitter tools and Mass Unfollowing

Try to avoid unfollowing mass users. A lot of users follow groups of people and then unfollowing them later if they don’t follow back. It’s against Twitter’s terms and service. Normally users use some Twitter management tools like ManageFlitter, iUnfollow to unfollow mass users. These tools act as spam broadcasters.

Don’t follow large amount of users in a short period and if you follow and unfollowed users in a short period with automated methods that’s considered as spams.

Unwanted #Hashtags

Try to avoid unwanted hashtags for example, if a topic trending on Twitter, spammers try to post unrelated topics with the trending hashtags. That is considered as spam. Don’t send duplicate replies that not related to the tweets.

Other major points you must be car while using Twitter is if you follow a large number of users but you have small amount number of users. This is not considered as a big spam, but try to maintain follow and followers ratio. If huge amount of persons blocked you may be, Twitter could check your account why users blocked you.

Use Twitter to improve your social media presence in right way. Know what is spamming on Twitter and work in a good way. Happy Tweeting……..

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