7 Best Resourceful Joomla Extensions

Joomla is one amongst the most popular and power packed open source content management systems that we have today. It is classy, feature rich, user friendly and is the best match for extensive, demanding and large scale website, with a simple and intuitive admin panel. If you own a website which is powered by this system, and wish to improve its scope and functionalities, we come bearing good news for you.

In this write up, we shall be discussing various popular and universally acknowledged Joomla extensions, which can be used anytime to supplement the technically advanced platform. For a website owner looking for highly focused and cost effective solutions, you may consider opting for professional Joomla component development. And now, please do follow reading and discover the 7 most exclusive and purposeful Joomla Plugins.

1. Mini Frontpage Joomla

For a website owner, one of the major challenges is to promote the content being published on their websites, and Mini Front Page is the best available platform for them to cater to the same. This extension allows the Joomla website owners to put forth a brief summary of the article along with their titles and links to home pages. This way, people visiting the blog or the website can easily go through the brief snippets of information and follow the article which appeals to them the most. Besides, the extension comes with easy to customize features and thus the site owners can achieve all of the features without having to compromise the aesthetics of the website.

2. DJ Image Slider

If you have always envied those sites where the top header would often change images? Well there is no need for you to continue being bitter and resentful as now you can easily include the very same functionality to your Joomla website, with the help of DJ Image slider. Catch the attention of your users and display multifaceted images with this plugin.

3. JCE Editor

Going much beyond the usual capabilities of Rich text Editor, which comes inbuilt with Joomla, the JCE editor is a revolutionary WYSIWYG editor which gives enough scope and options for the users to work around with myriad plugins, files, media and links. A rather powerful editor, it entails all the possible features which a blogger or a site owner would require from the backend editor of their websites.

4. AllVideos

It is now time to go all exclusive and creative with the way you have been posting up the content all this while. The long written articles are now taking a backseat and various innovative bloggers and website owners are now turning up with amazing and innovative means of creating content. One of these new age means include audio and video podcasts. And if you have got various video podcasts in place, you would definitely want a nice way to share them as well. Here enter the All Video Joomla extension, which is arguably the best solution that you perhaps may get for the purpose of sharing videos over your Joomla website. As far as our experience and knowledge goes, this one extension is definitely going to add in your online marketing and promotions initiatives.

5. Akeeba Backup

As a website owner, it is quite understandable to miss out on a peaceful night’s sleep when you know that major websites in the world are getting hacked with the drop of the hat, and even your website is nowhere closer to being immune from such attacks. Akeeba backup is one extension which you should use, in order to safeguard your website from various only attacks and cyber crimes. Although the extension might not be useful in warding off the criminals, it allows you to create adequate and thorough backup and restore the settings as and when you find necessary. Trust us, you will sleep much better at night when you know that each and every element of your website is safe and protected.

6. CDN for Joomla

Need to better manage the irregularities of the traffic to your Joomla website? Need various servers to easily access and adore your website? Then CDN is your ultimate option. This ensures optimum user retention and protects the website against crashing and other issues which might sprout out once the website goes extensively viral.

7. JFusion

Lastly, JFusion is the extension of choice for the simple reason that it caters to a wide multitude of reasons and allows the users to easily include other features and solutions without letting the website become susceptible to security threats or vulnerable in anyway. JFusion looks after any form on integration and unification and if you wish to profit from a myriad of solutions available online and include them in your website powered by Joomla, this is the extension of choice for you.

This was our round up of 7 most exclusive and resourceful extensions for Joomla. For effective services, please consider hiring professional and dedicated Joomla programmers. And now, please do let us know if you find the post useful in the comments section below.

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