Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools

Since the evolution of online reputation management , it has gained a high popularity among businesses present online. Maintaining reputation online is a process that involves managerial skills that can be learned with time. Many tools are available that help managers to easily manage reputation for businesses online. Today we have to list top 10 online reputation management tools.

1. Google Alerts: Google Alerts is an exciting tool from Google that lets you keep in touch with the tracking of any of your business references made online. Monitoring is necessary for a successful Brand Reputation Management online, thus having this tool helps you build your reputation easily.
2. Technorati: This tool is also helpful for an effective management of your online reputation. Technorati is useful for those using blog posts for development of recognition for their brand online by tracking blogs for links to your website for an easy management.

3. Backtype: It is necessary to track the response of customers towards your blog posts, which can be done easily with backtype. Using this tool, you can easily track blog responses and react to those to provide positive resolutions to your customers.

4. Naymz: This tool effectively measures and manages your business’ reputation on social websites. Based on how your business is searched for, this tool provides a ranking for your business allowing you to calculate social influence and plan future strategies.

5. Social Mention: This tool works on the keyword basis and gathers data for number of mentions for that keyword on social media sites. Unlike many other tools, it not only measures the mention quantity, but also measures the quality of mentions for your brand or business online.

6. Trendrr: Measuring popularity of your brand in terms of the reference to your business in various blog posts and forums might fail to provide a complete management over your online reputation. Trendrr is an impressive tool that provides you with graphical notations regarding the comparison of your popularity of your business with that of your competitors.

7. Collective Intellect: This tool provides uses filters and provides proficient legal research results to provide you more accurate observation of your brand online. With such an accurate observation, you can add more optimization to the management of your brand’s reputation.

8. Buzzlogic: This tool offers you to view tracking results in the form of lists for picky bloggers, blogs or social maps. Another feature of this tool is that it is available in different variants for publicity people and marketers.

9. Trackur: Trackur is a professional tool available for tracking some selected keywords. Available in 3 different packages, this tool is developed by a developer who has gained high reputation in this field.

10. Brands Eye: Brands eye is a paid tool that is available at a reasonable price and offers a well managed view of your brand’s online mentions. It tracks all the mentions for your brand available online and displays an organized list to provide you a better idea of your brand’s reputation.

By using above mentioned tools, you can improve the reputation of your business brand manifold times in an ethical manner.

If we missed your favorite, let us know through comments 🙂 …

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