How to Speed Up WordPress Site

As the current set of generation is trying to work out things as fast as they can and hence the need for fast WordPress speed is also coming. For young generation online loading times are of a great concern.

As per the latest studies, it has been seen that those WordPress sites that are fast in executing data have following abilities such as.
Speed Up WordPress

  • Better conversion rate.
  • Much better usability as compared to other websites.
  • SEOs appreciate this fact and the overall likeability of the site increases.
  • People tend to spend more time in browsing through your website.

Here are some important points that you can follow and increase your WordPress speed.

How To Increase Your WordPress Speed?

  • The first way is to always create a genuine and secure backup of what all you are updated on the website. In order to update your WordPress themes and products you must take care of the visuals and always update your themes with Plugins so that you get maximum performance and better productivity out of everything.
  • While updating a particular theme always makes sure that, it is not bloated. By doing this you can increase the overall speed as the theme that you are, going to update now is going to be simple and will consume less space.
  • Another best way is to limit the usage of Plugins and always use those Plugins that are required. It is good if you delete the Plugins that are rarely used or required. Sometimes these unused Plugins can also pose a major security threat to your blog.
  • One of the best ways to increase the speed of the WordPress blog is to use Plugins that are cache based. Some common examples of the most widely used cache based Plugins are W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.
  • Always make sure that you enable to things that are required such as browser cache, page cache or CDN option.
  • The images that you upload on to your blog or website can sometimes slow down the overall speed and hence it is good if you can optimize the visual content. Before uploading the images, you can crop them or optimize them for better results. You can also install a Plugin called as WpSmush. As it, helps in compressing the images and you can also delete the Meta data.
  • If you are planning to put some advertisements on your website then it is good to use text-based advertisements as they do not slow down the speed and if you can host the advertisement yourself then it can work in favor of you.
  • It is good, if you search for different hosting companies. You can send a test mail to different hosting companies and look for their response time and customer service options and after that, you can decide about the company that you want.

If all these important points and ways are religiously followed, you can certainly increase your WordPress speed to a great extent and increase the success of your WordPress based website of Blog.

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