Starting a Blog? Here are Some Interesting Tips

When you start blogging you need to try your best to make sure that the process is daily. However, daily blogging can become tiring and you might find yourself getting burned out and this will reflect in your writing. Keeping up with the maintenance of your blog is important.

How can you learn how to design your own blog and keep up with blogging passionate daily? Here are a few tips that might help you with making your blogging unique and interesting.

Tip 1: Decide What Direction You Want Your Blog To Go In

Try your best to organize your mind. Implement the ideas you have that you want to blog on and write down those ideas in your personal journal so you won’t forget them. Think about what things you want to offer with your blogs and what the audience needs.


Write blogs that have information on them that’s good and unique. What will entertain your readers on your blog or enlighten them? Write on a certain niche and have all of your goals relevant to the niche that you are blogging on.

Tip 2: Find Out Your Competition

Almost all niches and blogs have some sort of competition out there. The web has thousands of websites and blogs. You don’t need to scan the competition that you have every day just try and do it sometimes.

Read other blogs and interact with the bloggers and get ideas that will help you to know what they might be doing and how you can do the same on your blog. This will help with creating links back and forth and you will be able to create a blogging network which will bring in more traffic to your blog.

Tip 3: Try To Not Be Like The Other Boggers

Sometimes it can be hard finding out how you can be unique and stand out in the crowd but you need to if you want to stay on top of the competition. Doing things in a different way is another great way to get new readers. Reading something that looks different is fun and they will remember your blog.

Offer readers a chance to receive free products or either have contests but make sure that you fulfill these contests. There have been some blogs that say they will have contests to get readers but never come thru with it and word gets around on what blogs don’t stick to their promises and you don’t want to be known as the bad blogger who doesn’t hold real contests so only have contests if you know for sure you can deliver the prize.

Posting series is also something else people enjoy. It gives them some excuse to come back and read your blog again. Find out some unique techniques that you can do to customize these type of posts.

Tip 4: Create A Blogging Network

Create deadlines for yourself and update your blog regularly. Find bloggers that do the same as you. Connect with bloggers that appear to be active and post daily. Try your best to connect with them and see if you can share links with each other. ‘Get Rich Blogging‘ book explained this point in very great detail. Visit and leave comments that are excellent on other blogs. Try your best to not make the comment look spammy. People will delete your comment right away if it looks like you are trying to promote your blog. Talk about the blog and show that you actually read and took interest in it. Improve Your Blog By Looking At Other Blogs

Take time out to see how other blogs might be doing better than your blog. You don’t have to just stick with your competition to do this. Review the most popular blogs online and see why they are so popular. See how you can update and change your blog to help make the experience your readers have even better.

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