How to Get Flipkart Ping Chat Invite

E-commerce company Flipkart has just launched Ping, a new feature in its mobile app that allows users to chat with friends while shopping.

Ping Chat is now for invite only.
Flipkart’s Chief Product Officer Punit Soni says “We will decide invites based on areas and certain age groups. Areas where there’s more density of Flipkart users, where we know that their friends are also likely to use the feature, will get the invites first. Also we know that a certain age-group is more likely to take to this faster, so that too will be a criteria.

How to Get Flipkart Ping Invite?

Ask on TwitterAsk Twitter users to get an invite

Ask your friend – Each user, who gets a Flipkart Ping invite, can invite 10 more friends to try it out.

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