15 Websites to Waste your Time

Are you really bored? There are plenty of social networking sites are available to get relaxed. You can chat with your friends, sharing your photos with them and a lot. That’s an interesting thing.

What about wasting your time? Are you kidding? Definitely not. Today we are listing 15 websites to waste your time. Check it out.
websites to waste time
1. Hacker Typer – Hollywood-style hacker code. You could be a hacker.

2. FML – Encourages people to send in anonymous real-life stories.

3. Thatsthefinger – The finger, deal with it.

4. Can’t not tweet this  – Taking annoying social media spamming to the next level.

5. TryPap – The passive aggressive password machine.

6. Rrrgggbbb – I don’t know what to say :D. Check yourself.

7. Find The Invisible Cow – An Internet version of the hiding game.

8. Ducks are the best – Ducks everywhere.

9. Dont Even Reply – A collection of interesting emails.

10. Llizard Point – Browser-based educational activities.

11. I Need A Prompt – An idea generator website.

12. Rainy Mood – Rain makes everything better.

13. The Nicest Place On The Inter – Need a hug?

14. Blue Ball Machine – The ball machine.

15. Staggering Beauty – Make the worm dance with your mouse.

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