6 Best Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Besides making phone calls, a smartphone is a very personal tool we use on a daily basis to communicate with our friends, family, co-workers, etc.

We are using smartphones to use social networking sites, send emails, to complete our tasks, and the things are increasing day by day. We are really blessed with smartphones.
Best Pedometer Apps for iPhone
iPhone’s are much popular device and everyone would like to have this gadget in his pocket. Today we have to list best pedometer apps for iPhone.

1. Fitbit

Fitbit comes first into our list. With Fitbit you can track your daily steps and distance easily. Fitbit smart scale gives you a clean picture of your daily stats including steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, weight.

You can challenge your friends and family members by sharing stats, joining fitness challenges, direct-messaging each other.

2. Pacer

Pacer comes next in our list. Pacer is used by millions of users to get active lose weight, lower their blood pressure, etc. With Pacer app records steps, calories, distance and active time. Pacer is available on Apple Watch too.

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3. Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running
Nike + Running suits all kinds of runners right from beginners to professionals. You’ll get the measurement and motivation you need to run farther and faster than ever before.

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4. Stepz

Stepz comes next. Stepz has a brightly colored interface that automatically records your steps by using the Apple Motion Coprocessor. There is no GPS needed to work for Stepz app. You can export your steps to a CSV file and Import your steps from a CSV file. Stepz is simple, powerful comes with advanced settings.

5. Pedometer++

Pedometer++ comes next into our list. It’s a light weight app comes with just 2.3 MB in size requires  an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. The activity data shown reflects the measurements taken by your iPhone and not your Apple Watch.

6. Runtastic

Runtastic comes last and final in the list. Runtastic Pedometer keeps track of every step you take gives great features like an audio signal every 1,000 steps to keep you on track, calculates speed & distance, automatic step detection, etc.

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