How to Send Files Over 25MB Easily on Gmail

Today we are writing a simple article related to Gmail. I think you know the maximum size of file attachments hat you can include in Gmail message is 25MB. This could be irritating when you are uploading high-quality images or huge files on Gmail.

How to send files over 25MB easily on Gmail? It’s really simple and easy. Here we go.

1. Use Google Drive

Go to Google Drive and upload files or images you want to share with others. You can send up to 5 TB for files uploaded but not converted to Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

2. Go to Gmail and Upload File from Google Drive

Go to your Gmail and upload the file from Google Drive. You can see Google Drive logo on the bottom of the page. That’s it. You are now ready to break the 25MB Gmail file uploading size.

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